#6365: softballgur -> davepoobond

softballgur: hey

softballgur: a/s/;

davepoobond: hi

softballgur: *a/s/l

davepoobond: 5/m/3tits City

davepoobond: you

softballgur: ur 5 years old?

davepoobond: um yeah

davepoobond: i’m just trying to get some

davepoobond: i’m sorry

davepoobond: i barely know how to type

davepoobond: my mom is typing for me

softballgur: ha

davepoobond: say hi mom

davepoobond: hi mom

davepoobond: see thats her

softballgur: hello

softballgur: sup?

davepoobond: nothing. i’m bored so i’m typing for little chester here

softballgur: kool

davepoobond: here, i’ll let chester do something


davepoobond: that’s enough chester

davepoobond: i beat him everyday so he’s kind of retarded

softballgur: o

softballgur: y do u?

davepoobond: i told you, he’s retarded

softballgur: o

davepoobond: do you want him?

softballgur: no it’s ok

davepoobond: ok..


softballgur: sure

davepoobond: click the link then

davepoobond: did u go

softballgur: ya

davepoobond: k

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