#6364: davepoobond -> DemonHatchet

davepoobond: where’s my money at bitch. i know you were out last night.

DemonHatchet: yes i ws out

DemonHatchet: i am not giving you your money ho

davepoobond: HEY! WHOS THE HO HERE

davepoobond: YOU BE DA HO

DemonHatchet: you ?

DemonHatchet: i be da pimp

davepoobond: …

davepoobond: there seems to be some misunderstanding here

DemonHatchet: yea there is where is MY money?!?!?!

davepoobond: i dont know, but you should give it to me NOW, befo i get you offa da program

davepoobond: and OUT of the system

DemonHatchet: but it is my moneyyou work for me

davepoobond: no, you work for ME

davepoobond: you get da money

davepoobond: i protect you

davepoobond: and you give me dat money

DemonHatchet: no no no you work for my little cousin

davepoobond: o i pop you in da nose

davepoobond: your little cousing!

davepoobond: WAT BOY

davepoobond: OR GIRL

DemonHatchet: yea my little cousin


davepoobond: hold on my momma wants to talk to you

DemonHatchet: boyee i gon cap you ass….

davepoobond: who is this

davepoobond: what the HELL are you doing talking to my son

davepoobond: you should be doing less talking and more giving money to him

DemonHatchet: just having a civilized chat madame

DemonHatchet: and he works for me

davepoobond: BULLLLLLLL SHIT

davepoobond: MY SON WORKS FOR NO ONE


DemonHatchet: yes he does

DemonHatchet: no you raised him to be an employee…

DemonHatchet: he gets a salary of a niclke a month





davepoobond: that’s enough momaa

davepoobond: you best pay me ‘fore this day is out

DemonHatchet: oh i am so sorry you wanted THAT money ok i will give you your nickle … just write to the office building … and the director of personel will give you your nickle …

davepoobond: nickles dont do good here

davepoobond: nickels do

DemonHatchet: yea your nickel

DemonHatchet: get it ! or i will fire you

davepoobond: fire me! i fire you!

davepoobond: bitch!

davepoobond: get outta my face

DemonHatchet: no you don’t!

davepoobond: WE ARE DONE TALKING


DemonHatchet: I am not in your face i am lounging in my computer chair

davepoobond: I DONE WITH YOU

DemonHatchet: i am typing … foo

DemonHatchet: i think i am done wit chu

DemonHatchet: hello ?

DemonHatchet: are you dead ?

davepoobond: i thought we were DONE

DemonHatchet: no i thought you died! HURRAH you’re alive!!!

davepoobond: i’m done with you

davepoobond: give me my money and go away

DemonHatchet: no it is me who is done with you

davepoobond: fine

davepoobond: dont be ‘spectin any more protection

DemonHatchet: i am going to give you your nickel

DemonHatchet: this is funn

DemonHatchet: in fact for amusing me i am giving you a 100% raise you now get a dime every month

davepoobond: that means you give me 50 dollars

davepoobond: 100% of 5 equals 50

davepoobond: didnt you ever go to ho school, ho

davepoobond: the pimp always gets 1 zero on the end of a 100% increase

DemonHatchet: 100% of 5cents is 5 cents

davepoobond: AHEM

DemonHatchet: adding that to 5 is 10 which= a dime

davepoobond: didn’t you learn ANYTHING

DemonHatchet: yea i learned how to nap

davepoobond: .

DemonHatchet: i only payed attention in kindergraden

DemonHatchet: *paid

davepoobond: whos Attention

DemonHatchet: my half brother from kansas my step father was high when he named him

DemonHatchet: i gave him a cookie

davepoobond: what brand

DemonHatchet: oreo

davepoobond: ah HA

DemonHatchet: ?

davepoobond: how did i KNOW you were going to say that

DemonHatchet: becuase you like oreos

DemonHatchet: and they taste good

DemonHatchet: do you know why you knew i was gonna say oreo ?

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: because all people that use oreos are hypocrites

DemonHatchet: iu am a hypocrite? it is you who are the htpocrite …. you lied about your mother she was you!

DemonHatchet: either that or you have multiple personality disorders

davepoobond: shut up

DemonHatchet: well if you are going to continue the funny i will brb

DemonHatchet: no

DemonHatchet: can i call you mr paperclip ?

DemonHatchet: ok fine then later mr paper clip … feel free to im me again it was funny

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