#6343: davepoobond -> Fajita Bum

davepoobond: enrique iglesias is my bitch

Fajita Bum: LOL

Fajita Bum: why’s that?

davepoobond: i make him sing stupid songs

davepoobond: and write scripts for his gay music videos

davepoobond: which i make gay on purpose

davepoobond: and he has no say

Fajita Bum: LOL…..he is enslaved by dave

davepoobond: enslaved by dave…sounds good

Fajita Bum: It rhymes!

davepoobond: it can be a section on squackle, and i can have pictures of dumb people and i say what i make them do

davepoobond: i can get the gayest pic of enrique and put it there

davepoobond: hahahahah ya

davepoobond: sounds funny pry wont do it for a year tho

Fajita Bum: Do you keep him in a cage and feed him only apple juice and beef jerky

davepoobond: lol

davepoobond: no thats what i do to jean claude van damme

davepoobond: i make him wear diapers and do the splits for my pleasure

davepoobond: ; D

Fajita Bum: LOL, hmmm sounds…..scary!

davepoobond: =D

davepoobond: 3 people from south america went to our site

Fajita Bum: Why do the south americans hate our site!

davepoobond: they dont know about it

davepoobond: or they live on farms

Fajita Bum: !

davepoobond: it doesnt matter too much, most pry cant read english

Fajita Bum: Actually, south americans have the highest percentage of urban people in the world!

davepoobond: and thats where YOU come in…

Fajita Bum: LOL

davepoobond: you have to translate the whole site into Spanish

davepoobond: by 5:00 friday

davepoobond: morning

Fajita Bum: I’m not that good yet!!!

davepoobond: or you could always fly down there and give out squackle advertisements

Fajita Bum: LOL, and english lessons

davepoobond: we can fund you about 20 cents for your business trip down to no mans land

davepoobond: if we’re generous maybe a whole quarter

Fajita Bum: LOL

davepoobond: and a quarter is like a million pesos, so you’ll be set for the business trip. a million pesos is like 2 dollars, which can go fairly far if you talk to the right people down there

davepoobond: if you can find Kako while you’re down there, then you can stay longer

(in case you dont know who Kako the Colombian Drug Lord is, he was a Squackle member until he suddenly disappeared and we haven’t seen or heard of him since. He probably got nabbed by the mob and taken back to Columbia)

Fajita Bum: LOL!!

Fajita Bum: Where did he go!

davepoobond: but watch out for the drug lords

davepoobond: they’re out for his family

Fajita Bum: ah but he is one!

davepoobond: and the government is run by drug lords

davepoobond: so they’re after his family too

davepoobond: to give them a great…big…hug…

Fajita Bum: LOL

davepoobond: and you can record all your experiences

davepoobond: and we can put it on squackle, as a reality show

Fajita Bum: good idea

davepoobond: and get people screaming in bloody spanish conquistador pain on the floor clutching their leg cuz of a blood clot

Fajita Bum: AHH!

davepoobond: a blood clot caused by a bullet going straight through their leg!

davepoobond: nyah nyah nyah nyahhhhhh

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