#6280: TJ the Almighty -> agentbond

After #6279, I had TJ the Almighty IM agentbond and mess around with him.


TJ the Almighty: dude whats the math homework?

agentbond: who is this

agentbond: what is your name

TJ the Almighty: dude its me frank

agentbond: all right asshole fuck off now or we’ll track you down

TJ the Almighty: max chill out

TJ the Almighty: i juts want the math homework

agentbond: that’s a fucking threat

TJ the Almighty: hehehehe you said fucking

TJ the Almighty: kinda like potatoes eh?

agentbond: you can get in serious shit for harassing people online

TJ the Almighty: the math homework made me do it

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