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Note: this is a guy from school


davepoobond: Is this Sean Connery or Max (censored)?

agentbond: waht

agentbond: who is this

agentbond: what is your ame

davepoobond: Pierce Brosnan

agentbond: funny

davepoobond: I am pissed at you for taking my job.

agentbond: what is your real name

davepoobond: I want to make more James Bond films

agentbond: waht are you talkinga about

davepoobond: what are YOU TALKING ABOUT

agentbond: what

agentbond: who is this

davepoobond: Pierce Brosnan

agentbond: what is your name

agentbond: really

agentbond: what is your name

davepoobond: Your Underwear.

agentbond: what the hell

agentbond: i am getting pissed off

davepoobond: sorry sorry sorry

agentbond: what is your name and where did you get my sn

davepoobond: Found it on buddy search

agentbond: whta is that

davepoobond: Buddy search

agentbond: yeah

davepoobond: no way to explain what it is

davepoobond: its to find stupid people like you

davepoobond: i guess.

agentbond: alrigh

agentbond: what is youtr ame

agentbond: i want to know

agentbond: or i am getting of

agentbond: off

agentbond: you have 5 seconds

agentbond: 5

agentbond: 4

agentbond: 3

agentbond: 2

agentbond: 1

agentbond: hello

agentbond: retard

davepoobond: You guessed it

agentbond: funny

agentbond: jsut tell me your name

agentbond: so i can really talk to you

davepoobond: alan

agentbond: alan who

agentbond: hello

agentbond: what is your last name

agentbond: what the fuck

agentbond: i am getting off

davepoobond: Alan Qwerzy

agentbond: funny fuck head

agentbond: i am going to warn you and block you if you dont tell me your real name

agentbond signed off at 5:17:42 PM.


and then he signs on a different sn


sk8forlife: hey

sk8forlife: is anyone ther

davepoobond: nobody here but us chickens.

sk8forlife: hello

sk8forlife: hahahahah

sk8forlife: hi

sk8forlife: my name is katie

sk8forlife: what is your anem

sk8forlife: name

sk8forlife: hello

sk8forlife: hello

sk8forlife: is anyone ther

sk8forlife: hello

sk8forlife: i want to talk to you

sk8forlife signed off at 5:35:34 PM


and then he signs on again under his original name


agentbond: hey

agentbond: what is your name

agentbond: hey

agentbond: you imed me and i want to talk to you

agentbond: so talk to me

agentbond: hey why are you fucking around with my frien

agentbond: d

agentbond: what the hell bitch

davepoobond: stuff u

agentbond: no i am jsut kidding

agentbond: so do you go to my school

davepoobond: nah.

agentbond: where do you go to school

davepoobond: I dont go to school.

davepoobond: I’m Pierce Brosnan

agentbond: how old are you

agentbond: really come on

agentbond: ok then

davepoobond: ok

agentbond: if you r really him then what is his middle name

davepoobond: Janet

davepoobond: you mean MY middle name.

agentbond: janet what

agentbond: yeah

davepoobond: Janet, you idiot. British people only have 1 Middle name.

davepoobond: i’m not African

agentbond: what is your real name

agentbond: full name

davepoobond: You think I’m a brother?

agentbond: how do you know me

davepoobond: I will sue you. I will call on the NCAA, the NAACP, and all them other black rights foundations and drill your ass!

agentbond: funy

agentbond: how do you know me

davepoobond: It is, huh?

davepoobond: I dont.

agentbond: them how do you know my name

davepoobond: some guy told me it

agentbond: what guy

davepoobond: My director

agentbond: who is your director

davepoobond: The producer.

agentbond: of what

davepoobond: All the James Bond movies, DOY

agentbond: alright where did you go to school

agentbond: high school

davepoobond: Oxford

agentbond: high school

agentbond: dumb shit

agentbond: your full of it

davepoobond: SilentBob61385 is my director

agentbond: i ran a file on your name

davepoobond: bull

agentbond: and i know where you live

agentbond: yeah

agentbond: yeah

agentbond: i called aol and got it

agentbond: your full of crap

agentbond: suprised

agentbond: your in big trouble

davepoobond: me suprised?

davepoobond: why?

davepoobond: why would i be in big trouble?

agentbond: cause i called the police for a complant

davepoobond: transplant?

agentbond: your gay

agentbond: and i know who you are

agentbond: and i know your name

agentbond: fag

davepoobond: what is it then

agentbond: but i am not going to tell you it

davepoobond: really.

agentbond: yeah

davepoobond: really.

agentbond: i can see your house right now

agentbond: and what the hell are you doing

agentbond: your a fag

davepoobond: do you see me dancing naked and doing the funky mombo with my computer?

agentbond: no cause your not

davepoobond: yes i am

agentbond: you think your protective but your not

davepoobond: i’m having sex with you right now in my mind


I get warned to 18%, anonymously.


agentbond: how do you like that

davepoobond: ohhhhh so it was YOU

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