#6244: davepoobond -> elmoisfurry

Background: it was raining and there was lightning and thunder outside


davepoobond: aghhhhh! lightning

elmoisfurry: i was sleeping

elmoisfurry: i just got up

elmoisfurry: gotta reboot comp

elmoisfurry: brb

elmoisfurry: dude this is awesome

davepoobond: what is

elmoisfurry: tha rain

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: if it rains tomorrow, i dont have to swim.

davepoobond: yay

elmoisfurry: haha

elmoisfurry: u have ta start swimming already

elmoisfurry: dude its like winter

elmoisfurry: hahahahaha

davepoobond: so

elmoisfurry: wuts tha point of swimmin in tha winter

davepoobond: wuts tha point of playing any other sport in the winter

davepoobond: it just happened to be that our pe class has to swim in the winter

elmoisfurry: indoor ones fugga

davepoobond: i dont give a crap! i didnt choose to swim in the winter ass

elmoisfurry: i know

elmoisfurry: that just makes it funnier

davepoobond: heh…….the winter ass

elmoisfurry: heh…………die!

davepoobond: k

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: ha, madja think i was

elmoisfurry: k

elmoisfurry: ja

davepoobond: but i’m not.

elmoisfurry: but u will be

davepoobond: alive

davepoobond: for the rest of my life

davepoobond: i will be alive for the rest of my life

davepoobond: hahahah!

elmoisfurry: which is over now

davepoobond: oops

davepoobond: Whitney Houston was beat by her drug dealer

davepoobond: i saw it in the national enquirer!

davepoobond: brb

davepoobond: gotta crap

elmoisfurry: die im tryin ta watch futurama

elmoisfurry: so im not readin wut ur sayin

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: u die

elmoisfurry: k

elmoisfurry: no

davepoobond: k yes

elmoisfurry: yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa

elmoisfurry: so wutcha doin

davepoobond: nnuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh

davepoobond: listening to my mom gripe

davepoobond: its silly

elmoisfurry: lol gripe

elmoisfurry: dave and his words]

elmoisfurry: hey how much of tha essay d’ja do

davepoobond: i have 1 paragraph left to write, a conclusion, and a conclusion sentence for my 2nd paragraph

davepoobond: i might do some today

elmoisfurry: i havent done any

davepoobond: wtf lol

elmoisfurry: cause i wus on a scout trip

davepoobond: my sister went to an award ceremony for being a “cheerleader” for the stupid 7th and 8th grade midgets or whatever

elmoisfurry: lol

davepoobond: and my mom said they took 10 minutes for each person, saying how well they volunteered

elmoisfurry: an award for that shit

davepoobond: and what they did

elmoisfurry: lol

davepoobond: and they were all “ooh, this person brought snacks every single day”

davepoobond: blah blah blah

davepoobond: and one of my sisters friend’s mom “abandoned” her daughter there, because she didnt think it was going to take that long, and she called her daughter selfish for thinking that she would stay that long

elmoisfurry: lllloooooooolllllllllllllllll

davepoobond: and her friend asked my sister if she could get a ride home, and my sister said “i dont know maybe” and then her friend’s mom just left

davepoobond: and my mom is griping about this lady

davepoobond: saying “this is a woman that doesnt work, gets manicures, gets peticures, goes shopping”

davepoobond: and all this other crap, and making hand motions

elmoisfurry: lol

davepoobond: and i think my mom has declared war on her, because this is the 3rd time she pissed my mom off

davepoobond: so, my mom had to drive her friend to her house, which is 10 minutes away

davepoobond: out of the way

davepoobond: and my mom said the cheerleaders had to stay to get their trophies

davepoobond: so, it was kinda like the Oscars

davepoobond: and they called their name one by one

elmoisfurry: yea

elmoisfurry: gay

davepoobond: and they were in their seats

davepoobond: and as soon as they called my sister, they just had everyone go up there

elmoisfurry: lol

davepoobond: its hilarious dude

davepoobond: and my sister just said “she didnt get any of the free food outside”

davepoobond: lol

elmoisfurry: lol

davepoobond: my mom said that lady basically deserted her daughter

davepoobond: and she didnt even tell her daugther that she’d leave

davepoobond: what a bitch dude, lol

elmoisfurry: lol

elmoisfurry: brb

davepoobond: i started laughing at my sister and my mom was in the kitchen, and she said “tell david to be quiet” and she’s like 10 feet away from me, and my sister is in the middle of us and she says “shut up”

elmoisfurry: hungy

davepoobond: gawd gtg wash the dishes

elmoisfurry: lllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooolllllllllll

elmoisfurry: brb

davepoobond: bak

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