#6243: elmoisfurry -> davepoobond

elmoisfurry wants to directly connect.

elmoisfurry is now directly connected.

davepoobond: whaaaaaaaaaa

davepoobond: hook me up foo

elmoisfurry: (sends a buncha pictures)

elmoisfurry: lol

elmoisfurry: gotz em all

davepoobond: yeh

elmoisfurry: k

elmoisfurry: heh

elmoisfurry: ok

elmoisfurry: yea

davepoobond: yeah

elmoisfurry: (gives an image)

davepoobond: (gives an image)

davepoobond: wheeeeeeeee

elmoisfurry: nah man

elmoisfurry: que?

davepoobond: (gives an image)

elmoisfurry: ok i already saw that gay ass-shit

elmoisfurry: haha get it

elmoisfurry: ass-shit

davepoobond: lol

davepoobond: (gives an image)

davepoobond: (gives an image)

elmoisfurry direct connection is closed.

davepoobond: LOL

elmoisfurry: bitch fuga

elmoisfurry: thats not funny goddamit!!!!!!!!!1

davepoobond: that u closed the connection

davepoobond: is

elmoisfurry: how in tha hell is a car a house and some money funny

elmoisfurry: no i didnt

davepoobond: money funny

elmoisfurry: u did

davepoobond: you did

elmoisfurry: i didnt touvh it

davepoobond: i didnt either

elmoisfurry: touch

elmoisfurry: yea u did

elmoisfurry: admit it

elmoisfurry: beotch

davepoobond: bitch, you did

davepoobond: i didnt touch anything either

elmoisfurry: u know u did

elmoisfurry: just stop lyin

davepoobond: fine then

davepoobond wants to directly connect.

elmoisfurry is now directly connected.

davepoobond: yay

elmoisfurry: goddamit

elmoisfurry: more shitty crap from mr dave fuckhead

elmoisfurry: u read me beaaaaaaaaaaaatch!!!!!!!!!!1

elmoisfurry: toodle doodle u to

elmoisfurry: hoooooooooooooo

elmoisfurry: hohoho

elmoisfurry: google face

elmoisfurry: so long for sumthin so stupid

davepoobond: (gives a really big image)

elmoisfurry: how wus that worth it

davepoobond: …..

davepoobond: every bit of it was worth it

elmoisfurry: no

elmoisfurry: die

elmoisfurry: now

elmoisfurry: quickly

elmoisfurry: before roseanne is on

davepoobond: roseanne is still on?

elmoisfurry: dont test me boay

davepoobond: i’m not a buoy. i dont float around in swimming pools, or prevent boats from getting scratched on the dock. what do you think i am? I dont float.

elmoisfurry: ur stupid

elmoisfurry: i said boy just with a slight twist in it

davepoobond: (gives an image)

elmoisfurry: asssssssssss

elmoisfurry: no

davepoobond: how DARE you.

elmoisfurry: well

elmoisfurry: u see

elmoisfurry: first i say

elmoisfurry: i dare you to….

elmoisfurry: and then it just builds from there

elmoisfurry: but thats not the point

davepoobond: yes it is

davepoobond: its the main point

elmoisfurry: i WILL eat u alive if u dont die

davepoobond: hmm….be eaten alive or die on will….

davepoobond: i think i’ll chance with being eaten

elmoisfurry: die

elmoisfurry: fugga

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: eaten

elmoisfurry: khfdkghykjjggjkjg

davepoobond: (gives an image)

davepoobond: she lives by the ocean

elmoisfurry: do u want me to kill u

elmoisfurry: cause the way ur going i think u do

davepoobond: (gives an image)

davepoobond: MAYBE!

davepoobond: AHAHAHAHAHAHA

elmoisfurry: ok goddam u

davepoobond: (gives an image)

davepoobond: (gives an image)

davepoobond: (gives an image)

elmoisfurry: ::shakes head, sighing, wanting to discover a way to stab dave through his computer::

davepoobond: ::turns off the monitor so he cant::

davepoobond: haaaaa

elmoisfurry: that wont help u any

davepoobond: (gives an image)

elmoisfurry: muah

elmoisfurry: haha

elmoisfurry: ha


elmoisfurry direct connection is closed.

davepoobond: wat

davepoobond: you closed it you ass

elmoisfurry: i will kill u

elmoisfurry: WILL

elmoisfurry: not might

elmoisfurry: W

elmoisfurry: I

elmoisfurry: L

elmoisfurry: L

elmoisfurry: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

davepoobond: neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

elmoisfurry: NO

elmoisfurry: see

elmoisfurry: u obviously didnt read wut i said

elmoisfurry: cause i said WILL

davepoobond: ………………………but no

davepoobond: you see, i said

davepoobond: neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

elmoisfurry: fuk off

davepoobond: no, YOU fuk off

elmoisfurry signed off at 5:10:14 PM.

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