#6226: davepoobond -> Blind Bubba

davepoobond: do you need the spanish homework?

Blind Bubba: no

Blind Bubba: i need to kno waht #6 was

davepoobond: i dont know it

davepoobond: all i gotta do for the group is get pics

Blind Bubba: your dumb

davepoobond: YOU are.

davepoobond: cuz YOU don’t know it either

Blind Bubba: Of course I do

Blind Bubba: I am testing you

davepoobond: surrrrrrrrrreeeeeee

Blind Bubba: All right

Blind Bubba: Ignorance isn’t a very attractive trait in a person, you realize

Blind Bubba: o

Blind Bubba: i do need to spanish hw

davepoobond: ahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa

Blind Bubba: what

davepoobond: you need the spanish hw again

Blind Bubba: so

davepoobond: u said you didnt need it b4

Blind Bubba: I lied

davepoobond: lying isn’t a very attractive trait in a person, either.

Blind Bubba: Creativity is, which you have just shown a lack of

davepoobond: Redundancy isn’t, which you have just shown a lot of over the past few months, asking what the spanish hw is.

Blind Bubba: I have simply relied on a readily available resource, you to provide the homework

Blind Bubba: If it is redundant, so be it. Saves me time

davepoobond: it isnt that hard to rely on another resource, which most people do in the first place, but it seems that you havent gotten the hang of looking at yet. the white board that is dedicated for homework

Blind Bubba: I have the hang of it

Blind Bubba: I just choose not to use it

davepoobond: You must call me “Fantomaster” if you want me to resume to tell you the homework

Blind Bubba: Resume telling me the homework?

Blind Bubba: k Fantomaster

davepoobond: Yeehaw. i’m Fantomaster

davepoobond: dun dun dunnnnn

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