#6221: davepoobond -> elmoisfurry

davepoobond: shit crap. blowthetoad is on..

elmoisfurry: lol

elmoisfurry: hehe

davepoobond: did i come on on any of my sns this weekend?

elmoisfurry: no

davepoobond: okay

davepoobond: yay, i’m at chap. 32 or something in Huck Finn

elmoisfurry: whoo

davepoobond: which chapters did she say that we can skim over? i really dont care for this story

elmoisfurry: did that take u like all weekend

davepoobond: pretty much

elmoisfurry: u suck

elmoisfurry: just read it

elmoisfurry: its the last ones

davepoobond: dont tell me you like this story

davepoobond: lol rate a buddy

elmoisfurry: die

davepoobond: i had to do this gay crossword puzzle for biology

elmoisfurry: haha

davepoobond: and i didnt even have the book it was reviewing the vocab from

davepoobond: its not the reg. book

elmoisfurry: haha

davepoobond: and its all bullshit. i didnt even hear about any of that shit until i read the definition

elmoisfurry: haha

davepoobond: did you hear about that plane that crashed in queens

elmoisfurry: ja

davepoobond: i got 2 new cds

elmoisfurry: woooooooooooow

davepoobond: The Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness

davepoobond: and

davepoobond: System of a Down

davepoobond: fawk.

davepoobond: 73 new emails in my hotmail box

elmoisfurry: haha

davepoobond: It’s like Viagra, for women.

davepoobond: lol

davepoobond: goody

davepoobond: are you happy that its raining, bitch

elmoisfurry: yes

elmoisfurry: very

davepoobond: it started raining just as i got home

elmoisfurry: haha

davepoobond: pancake

elmoisfurry: die

davepoobond: man. mybeautycenter.com’s prices arent that good. why do they keep saying they are

davepoobond: :'(

elmoisfurry: cause i tell them to

davepoobond: :-*

davepoobond: reall

davepoobond: y

davepoobond: Vitara is Viagra for women

davepoobond: wowwwwwwww

elmoisfurry: doooooooooooooooonatcare

davepoobond: i bet you will, when you get married to a woman that “just cant get it up”

davepoobond: oh wait. she’ll just need viagra

davepoobond: if its a she!

elmoisfurry: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhno


elmoisfurry: die

davepoobond: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhno

elmoisfurry: yea

davepoobond: nah

davepoobond: 73 fuck

davepoobond: lets see how many new i have now

davepoobond: hey hey. 42

davepoobond: yo estoy seco…

elmoisfurry: die die

davepoobond: i said “i am dry”

elmoisfurry: and i said

elmoisfurry: die die

davepoobond: and i said “i said ‘i am dry'”

elmoisfurry: an said


davepoobond: and i said Never Pay for Condoms Again

elmoisfurry: ……..

elmoisfurry: die die

davepoobond: what is this? the price is right?

elmoisfurry: yea

davepoobond: remember from that commercial you didnt know what this line was from: “i want the truth!” “the truth? you cant handle truth!”

davepoobond: that’s from a jack nicholson movie.

elmoisfurry: no i know that

elmoisfurry: stupid

davepoobond: y’do

davepoobond: which then

davepoobond: if you’re so smart

elmoisfurry: and i know what one i thought i didnt know either

davepoobond: Mr. Rogers?

elmoisfurry: that one is from a few good men faggot

davepoobond: oh lol, that reminds me.

davepoobond: i was watching TV

davepoobond: and i found mr. rogers

elmoisfurry: and the one i didnt remember was from gladiator

davepoobond: and he was stacking cups on top of each other

davepoobond: and every time he put a cup there a bell rang

elmoisfurry: i figured that out a while ago

elmoisfurry: die die

davepoobond: and then when he was done, he knocked it all down

davepoobond: and the bell rang again

davepoobond: and he gathered them up all again

elmoisfurry: ……………

elmoisfurry: die

davepoobond: and then he brought out 3 cups

davepoobond: 3 different colors

elmoisfurry: aetgl;nbadga

davepoobond: 3 different sizes

elmoisfurry: dfhg

elmoisfurry: oadfh]iadrftgk

elmoisfurry: oaptg

elmoisfurry: o;aejliyajeto;karo;tk

elmoisfurry: a;dg,k

elmoisfurry: oarego;dafjgpoeajo,aejojoab

davepoobond: and he said “i’ll show you a trick”

elmoisfurry: ojajaobjaoboakfkodkaorvokarektao;

elmoisfurry: ao

davepoobond: and he puts a rock under the blue one, the shortest one

davepoobond: and he moves it in between the red and yellow cups

davepoobond: and he says “can you guess which cup the rock is under?”

elmoisfurry: ill stab u

elmoisfurry: i swear ill stab u

davepoobond: and then the doorbell rings, and its the mailman that didnt have any mail to deliver to mr. rogers

davepoobond: but he found a piece of paper

davepoobond: and he was asking mr. rogers about it

davepoobond: i changed the channel then, because the mailman resembled my late uncle bertha

davepoobond: i dont even have an uncle named bertha

davepoobond: i saw K-PAX

davepoobond: it was full of naked people

davepoobond: running out in the streets

elmoisfurry: do u WANT me to stab u?

davepoobond: and jumping from buildings

elmoisfurry: cause if u do please proceed

davepoobond: and an old homeless guy in a wheelchair saying “he didn do nuffin’!”

davepoobond: ha you bastard, its not raining anymore

davepoobond: how do you like THAT

davepoobond: HUH! HUH!

davepoobond: Hey Elmo, Did you eat my pencil?

elmoisfurry: het dave, wanna die?

davepoobond: not now, no. why?

davepoobond: =-O i shaved my gote

davepoobond: see how fast it grows back by tomorrow

elmoisfurry: r u fukin serious

davepoobond: yeah

elmoisfurry: lfgj’daftgl;jadft

elmoisfurry: j

elmoisfurry: aektg

elmoisfurry: earqto;ro[trel

elmoisfurry: tero

elmoisfurry: ‘k

elmoisfurry: dflg

elmoisfurry: ;oefklv

elmoisfurry: ‘;dfk;lgnl;gkhio;trigp

elmoisfurry: o[eritop[erkgo;sdfjgilarejgiopfejilgjlkjeiflgkjodefkjgli;arjkeigvearfgjaekljtflacrkaerhcxjglcjheuigerh,itxihiuwrectiu,hegjiotugoiewpugipyuirjgwuir

elmoisfurry: lj’k

davepoobond: y do you care

davepoobond: lol

elmoisfurry: cause ur supposed to wear that fukin baret

elmoisfurry: and u cant if u dont have a goddam gotte

davepoobond: it wasnt even growing in right anyway

elmoisfurry: so

davepoobond: i need to shave for a while longer before it grows in all the way anyway

davepoobond: i looked like a fuckin beaner

elmoisfurry: i dont give a fuk

davepoobond: with a moustache and a half of a gote

davepoobond: did i mention i shaped my ears like Link does?

davepoobond: now they’re pointy

davepoobond: so i can spear someone

davepoobond: ain’t that great?

elmoisfurry: goddam u

elmoisfurry: u stupid bastard

elmoisfurry: im gonna throw a pair of scissors through ur fukin temple

davepoobond: the wonders of plastic surgery

davepoobond: it only costed 160 dollars plus tax

davepoobond: and my first born

davepoobond: brb

davepoobond: wtf

davepoobond: someone has my email address for reporting “geocities abuse”

elmoisfurry: haha looser

davepoobond: for “nudity”

davepoobond: on some site

davepoobond: i dont even know wat it is

elmoisfurry: haha

elmoisfurry: looser

elmoisfurry: im goin cause i cant stand ur crap no more

elmoisfurry signed off at 7:42:56 PM.

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