#6220: JenFroggy -> davepoobond

JenFroggy: hello

davepoobond: what do you WANT

JenFroggy: i want to talk tO TALK TO U

JenFroggy: BE NICE

davepoobond: WHY

davepoobond: WHYWHYWHY

JenFroggy: why not

davepoobond: because your SMELLY

JenFroggy: no im not

JenFroggy: thats not nice

JenFroggy: u r hurting my feeling

davepoobond: hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. most people have more than one feeling

JenFroggy: ok

JenFroggy: u r hurting all my feelings

davepoobond: EW

davepoobond: ALL your feelings

davepoobond: thats nasty

JenFroggy: lol

JenFroggy: if u dont want to talk to me just say so and i’ll leave u alone

davepoobond: so

JenFroggy: ok i.ll leave u alone

JenFroggy: bye

davepoobond: fine

davepoobond: good

davepoobond: riddance

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