#6186: davepoobond -> sparklypinkfairy

davepoobond: moo.

sparklypinkfairy: hey

davepoobond: hi

sparklypinkfairy: sorry i cant read anything you’re writing

davepoobond: heh

davepoobond: why not?

sparklypinkfairy: my ims not working

sparklypinkfairy: ttyl k

davepoobond: then how’d you answer my question?

sparklypinkfairy: all i see is a blank im box

davepoobond: sureee ya do

davepoobond: heh.

sparklypinkfairy: lets see

sparklypinkfairy: still not working

sparklypinkfairy: lemme try to restart

davepoobond: heh ok

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