#6185: Marha -> davepoobond

Marha: Who are you?

Marha: King Kong?

davepoobond: dave

Marha: okay

Marha: I don’t know you.

Marha: So

Marha: Goodbye.

Marha: 😀

davepoobond: heh

davepoobond: you do now

davepoobond: you know my name so you know me

Marha: That’s like…a phrase I’d hear in a horror movie.

Marha: *rasp* “YOU DO, NOW.”

davepoobond: heh

Marha: Do you go to TCHS?

davepoobond: no

Marha: I thought so.

Marha: San Marino?

davepoobond: no

Marha: Where?

Marha: No school at all?

davepoobond: a city

Marha: Hobo Institute of Higher Learning?

davepoobond: yes…..

davepoobond: thats where i go

davepoobond: its a nice place

davepoobond: it has a peeing section in the pool

Marha: whoa

Marha: that’s a little too classy for me

davepoobond: hell yeh. only top top toppers get to go there

Marha: I’m not sure I can handle the pressure.

davepoobond: guess what

davepoobond: they feed us chlorine infested food

davepoobond: they switched it around.

davepoobond: they were supposed to pee on the food, and put chlorine in the water

Marha: ohhhh

davepoobond: but after 3 years, they didnt think it would matter anymore

Marha: yeah

Marha: they’ll do that to you

Marha: so? my best friend is Moldy McCheese.

Marha: I bet you don’t get coo friends like that.

davepoobond: the person that made my pencil is famous

davepoobond: his name is “Sharpy Sharpy McSharp Sharp”

Marha: oh

Marha: well

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