#6163: Lil Angel Gurl -> davepoobond

Lil Angel Gurl: vOtE fOr mEeH

Lil Angel Gurl: hIhI vOtE fOr mEeH oKiz?

Lil Angel Gurl: vOtE fOr mEeH

davepoobond: for what

Lil Angel Gurl: jUsS cLiCk iT n yOoH wiLL fInD oUt

davepoobond: ahh! virus!!

davepoobond: wait. never mind

davepoobond: who’s you?

Lil Angel Gurl: iM dA LaSt OnE

davepoobond: elizabeth

davepoobond: well, you’re fallin’ behind Judy….oh noooo

Lil Angel Gurl: cuz her bf voted for her lotz of tymez

davepoobond: heh

davepoobond: what a cheap ass

davepoobond: tell him i said that, btw

Lil Angel Gurl: oK

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