#6162: Thoroughbred -> Phoenix

The end part of this IM (#6162) has stuff to do with #6161. Some of #6162 happened before #6161.

Thoroughbred: yes

Thoroughbred: nahhh change of font 😛

Thoroughbred: hahahha

Phoenix: um…

Thoroughbred: ahhhhh

Phoenix: it’s the same…

Thoroughbred: ahhhhh

Phoenix: hhhhha

Thoroughbred: ahhhhh

Thoroughbred: hahahha

Phoenix: hhhhh

Thoroughbred: 😛

Phoenix: ahhahah

Thoroughbred: hahahahaha

Thoroughbred: no way

Thoroughbred: uh uh

Thoroughbred: nuh uh

Thoroughbred: no really

Thoroughbred: wow

Phoenix: You bore me…

Thoroughbred: 😛

Thoroughbred: no way

Thoroughbred: really

Thoroughbred: o my god

Thoroughbred: for real

Phoenix: Now you shall be tortured by my minion of evil!

(meaning: davepoobond)

Thoroughbred: no

Thoroughbred: not the evil side

Thoroughbred: ahhhhhhhh

Thoroughbred: i eat calzones

Thoroughbred: they are so tasty

Thoroughbred: do u know im an owl

Thoroughbred: i bet u dont

Thoroughbred: have i scared u yet

Thoroughbred: r u speeechless

Thoroughbred: 😛

Thoroughbred: are you alive

Thoroughbred: do u want me to speak french

Thoroughbred: hello hello

Thoroughbred: 😛

Phoenix: You are now about to die…

Thoroughbred: y?

Thoroughbred: what did i do

Thoroughbred: …………..

Phoenix: dunno…

Phoenix: happens to everyone.

Thoroughbred: ddi u just feel like saying that

Phoenix: no..

Thoroughbred: r u an

Thoroughbred: iow;

Thoroughbred: owl

Phoenix: no, are you a pothead

Thoroughbred: 😛

Phoenix: ?*

Phoenix: hows marlena?

Thoroughbred: u no marlena?

Thoroughbred: she just imed me!

Phoenix: Yeah, I know her…

Thoroughbred: did she im u

Thoroughbred: ?

Phoenix: yes

Thoroughbred: oh did u give her my s/n

Thoroughbred: ?????.

Thoroughbred: just wondering?

Phoenix: Why?

Thoroughbred: just wondering i dont care if u did

Thoroughbred: did u?????

Phoenix: why did the cheese thing scare you?

Thoroughbred: yes

Thoroughbred: did u???????

Phoenix: why?

Thoroughbred: i told u just wondering

Phoenix: why did the cheese thing scare you

Thoroughbred: veuillez me repondre

Thoroughbred: it was just scary

Thoroughbred: did u????

Phoenix: If you don’t care why keep asking?

Thoroughbred: i do care, im wondering

Thoroughbred: ne me tortuez pas!!!

Phoenix: Why did you lie and say you didn’t?

Thoroughbred: i didnt, ahhhh confusing me

Thoroughbred: i dont care if u did give her my s/n

Thoroughbred: i just am wondering if u did?

Phoenix: I know you are.

Thoroughbred: then why dont u tell me

Phoenix: your funny

Thoroughbred: lol

Thoroughbred: ok i give up lol

Phoenix: good

Thoroughbred: i know u r the 1 whoo gave it to her

Thoroughbred: and i know ur the 1 who gave her the cheese joke

Phoenix: uh huh

Thoroughbred: vous me genez!!!

Thoroughbred: i dont care though

Thoroughbred: r u the evil one

Thoroughbred: bye

Phoenix: mm hmm…

Thoroughbred: vous etes tres ennuyant!!!!!bye


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