#6147: davepoobond -> Fluffy Fox

davepoobond: Brooks…wheres my money? i know you were out last night, workin’ the streets! WHERES MY MONEY, BITCH!

Fluffy Fox: ROFL

Fluffy Fox: Hell ya!

Fluffy Fox: I was bending over ;x

Fluffy Fox: Got me some big furry cock.

Fluffy Fox: Who the fuck are you?

davepoobond: the King of Bahrain

Fluffy Fox: o_O;;

Fluffy Fox: kawaii oi?

Fluffy Fox: nani e.e

davepoobond: yes

Fluffy Fox: nani??

davepoobond: nani crackers are good

Fluffy Fox: nani is japanese for what, weridie.

davepoobond: i’m not japanese, ass

davepoobond: i’m arabian

Fluffy Fox: Lol !

davepoobond: bahrainian, to be exact

Fluffy Fox: Mike?

Fluffy Fox: Zortho rather?

davepoobond: so you Fluffy Fox go butt poop out

davepoobond: the hell

davepoobond: i’m not Zorro

Fluffy Fox: Lol!

davepoobond: what are you talking about

davepoobond: i’m the fuckin king of bahrain

Fluffy Fox: who are you?

davepoobond: king of bahrain

davepoobond: you’re funny

davepoobond: FUNNY LOOKING

davepoobond: ahahahahaha

Fluffy Fox: o_o;;

davepoobond: yeah you better o_o;; you bitch

Fluffy Fox: Tragon?

davepoobond: fluffyyyy

Fluffy Fox: Teferi?

Fluffy Fox: Mykon?

davepoobond: fluffyy fluffy

Fluffy Fox: Alomoe?

davepoobond: fox fox fox

davepoobond: do you have beer

davepoobond: infidel

Fluffy Fox: yea

davepoobond: guess what

davepoobond: do you want some more beer?

Fluffy Fox: Yes.

davepoobond: THEN GO BUY SOME!

Fluffy Fox: Yes I do.

davepoobond: ahahahaha!

Fluffy Fox: O_o;;

davepoobond: did you see the one with the Italian guys?

Fluffy Fox: o_O what?

davepoobond: it was……pizza-rific!

davepoobond: ahahahaah!

davepoobond: some Bahrainian jokes for you

davepoobond: freee

davepoobond: they say i am the funniest man in all of Bahrain

davepoobond: because if you’re funnier than me, i kill you

davepoobond: i kill you like the bitch you said you werent

Fluffy Fox: o_o

davepoobond: o_o<^>

davepoobond: oh oh

davepoobond: whats this?

davepoobond: <^>

davepoobond: ahhaah

Fluffy Fox: ,,|,,(^_^),,|,,

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: thats not right

davepoobond: you suck

davepoobond: you’re gay

davepoobond: and you poop out the wrongggg way

davepoobond: ahahhh!

davepoobond: i rhymed

davepoobond: isnt that funny?

Fluffy Fox: Ya

Fluffy Fox: Funnnny

davepoobond: no it isnt

davepoobond: you suck

davepoobond: thats why you’re gay

davepoobond: and you have to pay

Fluffy Fox: yea

davepoobond: me more mon-ay

Fluffy Fox: Im getting offline now.

davepoobond: no you’re not

davepoobond: you’re going to block me

davepoobond: and i will use all of Bahrain’s treasures to kill you

Fluffy Fox: Isn’t Bahrain that fat ass from final fantasy 9?

davepoobond: ….

davepoobond: here, we have no such things as “final fantasy 9s”

davepoobond: i dont even know how the world can have such a crazy idea

Fluffy Fox: yes you do

davepoobond: how can you have 9 final fantasys

Fluffy Fox: your Final Fantasy number 9

Fluffy Fox: all the others were rejected

Fluffy Fox: your 9th is getting gang banged.

Fluffy Fox: By a pack of savage wolves.

davepoobond: there can only be 1 final thing, and that means 1 final fantasy

davepoobond: are you leaving yet?

davepoobond: leave

davepoobond: now

Fluffy Fox: In a few

davepoobond: i order you to leave

davepoobond: NOW

davepoobond: not in a few, NOW

davepoobond: good bye, bitch. i’m leaving you, and the house you came in

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