#6146: davepoobond -> JoyInLA

davepoobond: hello?

JoyInLA: who is this


davepoobond: i might be asking the same question

davepoobond: who does this be

JoyInLA: this is kristi and this is…3

davepoobond: 3?

davepoobond: theres a person named 3

davepoobond: ?

JoyInLA: sorry typo

davepoobond: people call me DBM

JoyInLA: which means….

JoyInLA: o i get it

davepoobond: Dooby Booby Mafooby

davepoobond: duhhh

davepoobond: everyone knows that. its a rappers name

JoyInLA: well i might have to block u if u don’t tell me who u r?

davepoobond: i told you. its Dooby Booby Mafooby

davepoobond: i have my own record deal and everything

davepoobond: and i rap

davepoobond: yo yo yo

davepoobond: look at my dough

davepoobond: it flows

davepoobond: like a…crow

JoyInLA: ummm right……….

davepoobond: see? i rap

JoyInLA: yeah… me 2

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: you cant

davepoobond: only men with tutus on can

davepoobond: and i am wearing a tutu right now

davepoobond: so…..pow!

JoyInLA: well your stupid

davepoobond: no i’m not

davepoobond: i’m phat

davepoobond: see? i used a rapping term

davepoobond: it PROVES i’m a rappa

davepoobond: hi

JoyInLA: right

JoyInLA: well i’m a zoo keeper…..

davepoobond: wanna know where i learned my skills?

davepoobond: IN THE HOOD, OF COURSE!

davepoobond: what are you doing right now, this very instance

JoyInLA: i train monkeys

davepoobond: i’m smoking a seegar

davepoobond: you must be that weird lady that carries a bucket around at the LA Zoo

davepoobond: i see her on Discovery Channel all the time

davepoobond: or you

davepoobond: i think you married the Crocodile Hunter

JoyInLA: yep thats me

davepoobond: when are you going to get eaten? you’re really annoying

davepoobond: i hate your austrailian accent

davepoobond: and you have an ugly face

JoyInLA: i don’t have an accient

davepoobond: sure sure

davepoobond: i hear it all the time

davepoobond: and its all make-up-y-like

JoyInLA: yeah i know i’m ugly…… ugly as your mom

davepoobond: hey! dont be talkin bout my mamama

JoyInLA: how can i not? every where i go i see her

davepoobond: i rhymed

davepoobond: how?

davepoobond: you cant

davepoobond: no one can

davepoobond: not even me

davepoobond: i shot her in the head yesterday

davepoobond: and i buried her in my roof

JoyInLA: is she dead too?

davepoobond: no…

davepoobond: she’s not…..dead…..

davepoobond: have you ever been pumped with 345 ccs of tranquelizer medicine?

JoyInLA: uh no>

davepoobond: i have

davepoobond: its not very pleasant

davepoobond: pleasant rhymes with peasant

davepoobond: i have to write that down

davepoobond: hold on

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: back

JoyInLA: k freak

davepoobond: i have a cup

davepoobond: with a…

davepoobond: pup

davepoobond: i like to rhyme

davepoobond: i have a dime

davepoobond: i think i can rhyme

davepoobond: every tyme

davepoobond: hello?

JoyInLA: you can shut up

JoyInLA: i don’t give a fuck

davepoobond: yes i can

davepoobond: yes you dont

JoyInLA: get your ass in a truck

JoyInLA: and go fuck

davepoobond: a duck

davepoobond: ahahahaha

JoyInLA: in the muck

davepoobond: with a farmer?

davepoobond: hi?

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