#6129: Holmes -> davepoobond

Holmes: would u eat bugs

davepoobond: sure

Holmes: l;ady bugs?

Holmes: foot worms?

davepoobond: yeah, they taste like chicken

Holmes: ew

davepoobond: do you like chicken?

Holmes: ok thats just nasty

Holmes: not any more

davepoobond: heh

Holmes: hey do you have AOL 6.0?

davepoobond: no

Holmes: why

davepoobond: AOL 6.0 is bad..

davepoobond: i heard it from pretty much everyone

Holmes: not much difference

Holmes: you get to have symbol thingies on the IM’s

davepoobond: big whoop

davepoobond: i have that on AIM

Holmes: well you stink!

davepoobond: and

Holmes: stink rhymes with cheese if you add ink to the end of cheese

davepoobond: k

Holmes: think cheese and stink are related words, seperated at birth?

davepoobond: …………………………………………..sorta

Holmes: i don’t like your tone

davepoobond: i dont like your treble

Holmes: i don’t like your bass

davepoobond: i dont like your volume

Holmes: …that sounds nasty

davepoobond: lol

davepoobond: i dont like your synthesizer

Holmes: i don’t like your beats

Holmes: ::loking at computer volume conrtols:: I don’t like your microphone balance

davepoobond: i dont like your mp3 player

davepoobond: or your speakers

Holmes: whats wrong with napster and polkaudio?

Holmes: heh polkaudio

davepoobond: you’re on it

Holmes: well my speakers can’t hear you so NAH

davepoobond: NAH

davepoobond: you no NAH nah you nah naher

Holmes: ralph naher

Holmes: oh no, my mom’s watching the stupid spanish soap operas again

Holmes: those are SOOOOOOOOooo stupid

Holmes: she doesn’t understand spanish, only portuguese but there close so she watches it

davepoobond: HAHA

Holmes: theres this lady on one of em that changes her hair color everyday! it’s meant to match her clothes

davepoobond: lol

Holmes: ugh i turned it off and she yelled at me lol

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