#6128: Holmes -> davepoobond

Holmes: twinkies

davepoobond: hi

Holmes: twinkies

davepoobond: hi

Holmes: twinkies

davepoobond: hi

Holmes: twinkies twinkies

Holmes: go eat a twinkie

davepoobond: no

Holmes: you people come in here eatin twinkies like theres no tommorow

davepoobond: not me

davepoobond: i dont

davepoobond: you do

davepoobond: but not me

Holmes: you disgust me

Holmes: i wasn’t talking to you!

Holmes: i was talking to me so excuse your self from the converstaion!

davepoobond: yes you were

davepoobond: you were talking about us!

davepoobond: and we dont appreciate it

Holmes: this is an A – A conversaion, no B’s

davepoobond: ::blinks:: yeah

Holmes: well you two can go eat stuffed shrimp for all i care

davepoobond: us two who?

Holmes: me and you, i’m so sick of me especially. Comes in here acting like his farts don’t stink

davepoobond: ew

davepoobond: thats nasty

davepoobond: and also do you say “smealt it, you dealt it” to yourself then?

Holmes: yeah but then myself always comes back by sayin “rhymed it, crimed it”

davepoobond: lol!

davepoobond: maybe you should stop it?

Holmes: but me loves beans!

davepoobond: then….eat guisantes

davepoobond: i dont know what they are in English

Holmes: mmm anything with a g is good…

davepoobond: ok

Holmes: germs, grease…

Holmes: ground-up coffee, glasses they all taste good

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