#6102: davepoobond -> JstnLova

davepoobond: are you potty trained?

JstnLova: lol yes u?

davepoobond: yessum

JstnLova: good job

JstnLova: a/s/l

davepoobond: how do you know?

JstnLova: how do i know what

davepoobond: how do you know what that thing that i asked you about and you said yes how about u

JstnLova: whoa whoa *confused*

davepoobond: do you eat boogers?

JstnLova: no

davepoobond: :-X

davepoobond: thats bad

JstnLova: lol why is that bad?

davepoobond: :-\

davepoobond: why do you think?

davepoobond: you dont get nutrients that you need so badly

JstnLova: lol um ook

davepoobond: like the occasion shot of alka seltzter

JstnLova: ew that stuff is gross

davepoobond: tastes like club soda

davepoobond: i am space ghost

JstnLova: kewl

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