#6085: davepoobond -> Fajita Bum

Note: most of this probably wasnt even the guy who is fajita bum, just his friend.


davepoobond: boo!!!!

davepoobond: mwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhahaha

Fajita Bum: u smell like shit u shit face

davepoobond: yes, i do, dont i

Fajita Bum: yes

davepoobond: i think, that the pee dress i have on, goes quite well with my face, dont u think?

Fajita Bum: no u faggot

davepoobond: no!?

davepoobond: how dare youy

davepoobond: you

davepoobond: how DARE you

Fajita Bum: no

davepoobond: yes

davepoobond: booger brains

Fajita Bum: fag

davepoobond: ……………………………………………..poo face

Fajita Bum: fag

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: gaf

Fajita Bum: fag

davepoobond: gaf

Fajita Bum: faggot

davepoobond: toggaf

Fajita Bum: queer

davepoobond: reeuq

Fajita Bum: poop

davepoobond: poop

davepoobond: heh

davepoobond: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++








davepoobond: pie!

Fajita Bum: dave is a gay asshole who sucks his own goozak

davepoobond: oh

Fajita Bum: yea u heard me

Fajita Bum: goozak

davepoobond: i hate to be that dave guy

Fajita Bum: u r

davepoobond: dave……..weaver?

Fajita Bum: no

Fajita Bum: u

davepoobond: on u

Fajita Bum: dave the fag

davepoobond: gaf the evad!

Fajita Bum: i hate dave he sucks and if he ever comes near me i will kill him with my .45

Fajita Bum: meaning u

davepoobond: cool

Fajita Bum: ffkgkjfdfg

davepoobond: asdfjsfskj

Fajita Bum: agfdafdga

meanwhile at the same time, on AIM

davepoobond: hey fag

davepoobond: whats up dick pie face shit man

davepoobond: down in the dumps?

davepoobond: dont got anything to hump?

davepoobond: then jump up and down on your neighbor!

davepoobond: its lots of fun, especially with golfing shoes!

davepoobond: wooo! woo! woo!

davepoobond: woo

davepoobond: woo

davepoobond: woo

davepoobond: woo

Fajita Bum: i like cheese

davepoobond: i like pudding

davepoobond: pop poop!

davepoobond: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwheeeeeee

Fajita Bum: poopies taste like a fresh mountain spring that has just been pooped in

davepoobond: ah, yes

Fajita Bum: yea

davepoobond: especially when u toss it around in a bag

davepoobond: and then put it in your hair

davepoobond: and use it as shampoo

davepoobond: get it!?!

Fajita Bum: no

davepoobond: shamPOOOO

davepoobond: poo

davepoobond: poo

davepoobond: poo

davepoobond: poo

davepoobond: poo

Fajita Bum: shampoooooooooooooo



davepoobond: no

davepoobond: your wrong

Fajita Bum: yes

davepoobond: i know u

davepoobond: are

Fajita Bum: im right

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: your left

Fajita Bum: yes

Fajita Bum: i am middle

davepoobond: no

Fajita Bum: yes

davepoobond: you are upside down

davepoobond: rolling around in your own dooooodooooo

davepoobond: ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddoooooooooooo


Fajita Bum: no im right side left

davepoobond: no

Fajita Bum: doodies poopies

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: your wrong!

Fajita Bum: yes



davepoobond: nonononononononononononono

Fajita Bum: yea

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: your unsure of yourself

davepoobond: you dont know squiddly pie!

Fajita Bum: im sure of himself

davepoobond: no your not

davepoobond: your sure of a butt!

Fajita Bum: yes im not

Fajita Bum: who is this

davepoobond: nyahnyahnyahnyahnyahnyah

davepoobond: you peed in your pants!

Fajita Bum: is this brian

davepoobond: i can smell it from heeeeeere

davepoobond: nooooooo

Fajita Bum: oh yea well i peed in ur pants too

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: no

Fajita Bum: so hahahahahhahahaha

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: you cant do that

Fajita Bum: yes



davepoobond: you were at the cheeseeeeeeeeee shop

Fajita Bum: i can

Fajita Bum: mayb u cant

davepoobond: with a dead parrot!

Fajita Bum: no it was a cannerie

davepoobond: no, i’m ceartain it was a parrot

davepoobond: it was saying, “fuck you fuck you” before it die

davepoobond: what were you doing with the poor parrot

Fajita Bum: IT WAS A CANNERIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: NOOO


Fajita Bum: YES


Fajita Bum: i do

Fajita Bum: u dont understand i dont not understand

davepoobond: thats good

davepoobond: that means you suck

davepoobond: you suck on pissed on peaaaaaaaassssssssss

Fajita Bum: nope

wronggy poo

davepoobond: you know i’m right

davepoobond: you 25 second farter

davepoobond: :-(;-):-P:-(;-):-P:-(;-)=-O:-(;-)=-O:-P:-*;-):-P:-*;-):-P=-O:-*:-(;-):-P:-D

davepoobond: :-!

Fajita Bum: squackle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: davepoobond: :-!

davepoobond: davepoobond: :-!

davepoobond: davepoobond: davepoobond: :-!

davepoobond: davepoobond: :-!

davepoobond: pshwagagagagillge

davepoobond: u suck

Fajita Bum: hello brian

davepoobond: i’m not brian

Fajita Bum: yes u r

davepoobond: i’m davepoobond

davepoobond: brian is the gayest name in the world! why would i have that name!?

Fajita Bum: cause u do

davepoobond: if i had that name, i would change it as soon as i knew

Fajita Bum: but u have it now and u will always have it

Fajita Bum: cause i say poo poo on u too

Fajita Bum: so ha

Fajita Bum: ha

Fajita Bum: ha

Fajita Bum: ha

Fajita Bum: ha

Fajita Bum: ha

Fajita Bum: ha

davepoobond: ………………………….no

Fajita Bum: yes……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

davepoobond: boy, you smeeeeellllllll

Fajita Bum: so i dont care

Fajita Bum: guess who i am

davepoobond: did you check your insides lately? theres a nasty virus from vietnam that a lot of piss builds up in your body and then you suddenly EXPLODE!!!!!!!

Fajita Bum: my name

davepoobond: i dont have to guess

Fajita Bum: k then who am i

davepoobond: you cant make me guess

Fajita Bum: yes thats what im doin right now

davepoobond: you would think i would say “fajita bum”

Fajita Bum: stupid face

davepoobond: but its not!

Fajita Bum: nope

Fajita Bum: hahahahahahahaha

davepoobond: cuz its a guy named “fuck me up the ass, i’m a gay bitch”

Fajita Bum: ur right

Fajita Bum: no

davepoobond: yes!

davepoobond: you said i was!

davepoobond: you are fuck me up the ass, i’m a gay bitch

Fajita Bum: im fajita bums friend but u dont know my name

Fajita Bum: hahahhahahahahahahahahahhaha

davepoobond: how would you know

Fajita Bum: cause i dp

Fajita Bum: do

Fajita Bum: *

davepoobond: nooooo

Fajita Bum: guess my name

davepoobond: u r a big piece of poop from under the bed, arent you

davepoobond: you took over the house with your other poopy friends from the toilet

Fajita Bum: nope

Fajita Bum: close though

davepoobond: hmm

davepoobond: i know!


Fajita Bum: no not even close

davepoobond: ……..are you a box of pudding?

Fajita Bum: hmmmmmmmm i dont know mayb

davepoobond: you’re a socially active grizzly bear named “poof!”

Fajita Bum: sumtimes

davepoobond: you’re a piece of pie?

Fajita Bum: no

davepoobond: brb, gotta go to the little buffalo’s room

Fajita Bum: no

Fajita Bum: just p ur pants

davepoobond: i didnt need to pee

davepoobond: i twisted my leg, and the wrench was in there

Fajita Bum: fajita bum says ur name is brian beer or sumthing like that

davepoobond: thats right, you caught me!

davepoobond: fajita bum, you bastard!

Fajita Bum: i told u

Fajita Bum: hahahahahahahahahhahahaha

davepoobond: u told me what

Fajita Bum: that ur name wus brian

davepoobond: …………who

Fajita Bum: nevermind

davepoobond: what are you talking about

davepoobond: yeah, you better never mind!

Fajita Bum: igg cya bb!

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: you wont c me

davepoobond: ttttttttuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrdddddd!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: u poonis

davepoobond: dont u have to leave

davepoobond: leave already!

davepoobond: youuuuuuuu fffffffaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttt heeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaddddddddd

davepoobond: peeef!

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