Chat #5962

LordFancyPants: who r u

ShockTheMonkey: talk some

LordFancyPants: yeah, what he said

Emmy-Lou: no

ShockTheMonkey: oh shes a smart one dude

LordFancyPants: reverse psyc, DONT TALK

Emmy-Lou: ok

ShockTheMonkey: d’oh

ShockTheMonkey: talk some damn you

Emmy-Lou: why u add me

LordFancyPants: you added me you gherkin

Emmy-Lou: no i didert

ShockTheMonkey: didert eh? im fond of those

Emmy-Lou: shut up

ShockTheMonkey: *whispers* i think she likes me

LordFancyPants: back off

LordFancyPants: hes mine

<Emmy-Lou has left the conversation>

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