Battery Toss – Rules

Materials needed: battery, wall, hands

# of players: 2 or more

What you do:

1. Choose order of people

2. 1st player throws battery at wall, must be thrown underhand.

3. Has to hit above 7 feet high on the wall

4. 2nd player must catch battery before it hits the ground

5. Repeat until someone drops the battery, whoever drops the battery is out, then 1st player throws again, and keep going until another person gets out.

Boundaries: Each side is 10 yards, including the wall. everything out of the boundaries is out. 5 feet from the wall out is also out of bounds. the battery must fall inside boundary lines to be in. if the first player throws it and it goes out of bounds, he gets another chance, if it goes out again, he’s out. Last player to survive wins and gets to be 1st player of next game.

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