UPDATE 9-03-07

davepoobond: HI EVERYBODY!  I’ve been hard at work on the new interpretation of Squackle that will hopefully make the experience a lot better to wade through the massive amount of content I’ve got on this site.  You can see my progress at https://squackle.com/ .  The new blog-style format will be a lot easier for me to manage, which means more content will be posted — maybe even on a daily basis!  I’ve already added all the dictionary words I intend to add from the existing dictionary.  The blog site will eventually become the main Squackle.com, but fear not, the original site will be kept up for all eternity.  So if you like the current format, it’ll stay like this forever, just not updated anymore.

Go now!  https://squackle.com/ https://squackle.com/ https://squackle.com/

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