Joke #5238: Not So Lucky

One day three guys (Dave, Ryan, & Mark) were driving down to Florida for spring break when they get pulled over for speeding. The cop is a woman, and she looks at the three guys and says “I’ll tell you what…I don’t feel like writing up a report today, so if you boys can show me 20 inches of meat, I’ll let you go.”

The guys agree and step out of the car. Dave unzips his pants and shows the cop his 10 incher. the cop says “Wow Impressive! 10 inches, almost there.” Then Ryan unzips his pants, and flashes his 7 incher. “Almost there!” and Mark unzips his pants and pulls out his 2 incher. The cop says “Well…That’s close enough. I’ll let you guys go anyway.” So she goes back to her car and drives off.
The guys get back in their car and drive off. Dave says to the other guys “Man you guys are lucky I had my 10 incher.” and Ryan says “Well you guys are lucky I had my 7 incher!” and Mark goes “Man you guys are lucky I had a boner!!”

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