UPDATE 08-04-07

Pick of August 4, 2007

davepoobond:  Its been recently unveiled to me that the web site is not, as they say, as popular as some of the bigger/more popular web sites out there.  Interesting hypothesis I said to myself.  Then I asked myself, “ARE there other humor sites out there?”  The simple answer to that, in my expert opinion, is no.  Thus, I have proven the hypothesis false.

August 04, 2007

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Stupid IMsdavepoobond IM 53, gUnsNRoses IM 2, davepoobond IM 54, Jasonishigh IM, davepoobond IM 55, Holmes IM 22, davepoobond IM 56, Phoenix IM 10, davepoobond IM 57, Phoenix IM 11, davepoobond IM 58, Evil Hell Cow IM 19, davepoobond IM 59, FutureTrunkxx IM, davepoobond IM 60, Solidussnake IM, davepoobond IM 61, Evil Hell Cow IM 20

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