UPDATE 6-30-05

Pick of June 30, 2005  — Yes, its NEW.

davepoobond: OKAY!  Finally an update.  I’ve been busy working on other projects besides Squackle, but now that I’ve got some actual free time the next couple days, there should be more things being done here.  Not necessarily updates, but you’ll eventually notice a permanent link to Gamersmark.com on the side bar right under the Squackle shop picture, since, if you didn’t know, I’m a writer there and there is already a similar link to Squackle on that site.  So, if you’re interested in games and gaming news, check out the site, and read some of my writing over there.  You’ll know who I am if you look at the staff page, I’m sure.

I’m also going to make it a goal of mine to make it so that the big title bar that says Squackle on it will come back to this page when clicked on it by next week.  Sounds nifty, don’t it?  Yeah, I bet you think it is.

If its a fat update you want, I’m not sure how heavy this sucker is gonna be.  We’ll see how far it comes along in the next few days or so.  I guess something of the sort is warranted after three months of nothing.  Maybe I’ll put up some more submissions that have been accumulated over the years.

stimpyismyname: i had chicken and pancakes for lunch today

June 30, 2005

Dictionary – 4600 words, 100 new. SUBMIT A WORD

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