UPDATE 8-7-00

davepoobond:  hhhhhaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Elmoisfurry:  i’m a donkey!  moo moo moo.  i make donkey potty heads, that come out of my nose…POOPIES!!!!!

Stuff Put up/updated today:

Songs: Blue Balls, by violentj-osh, sung to the song Blue, by Eiffel 65, and FART!, by davepoobond, sung to a song in the club in Ace Ventura

Jokes: Fool’s Paradise

Poems: Deliver! , by G-Man and Green Peanuts and Ham, by davepoobond

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Stupid IMsAyanna IM, foofoo IM, and cats IM

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