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“I’ve send an email 5 days ago and gained no reply. I am continually charged by your company and I’m not using that kind of service. I was not even emailed that I was being billed in the credit card. I was not notified that I was being charged. It started July 2012. I was not completely aware. Until my mom, asked me what I am I paying 15$? This has been a major concern in the family. So pls abusing my account. This is my continuous concern since I was charged for something I am not using. This is totally unjust and 15$ is killing me. With due respect I want to hear from you guys. What are you gonna do with this? Are you gonna bill me for life? So STOP this. I am not using this account, seems like once in a month, as you can see with your data and it’s not even worth a dollar. This is unfair, I was billed immediately without even prior notice or email.”

– from the YouSendIt forums

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