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“Oral! It’s my fav thing, giving and receiving. Being able to please a guy and have him shoot down my throat is so hot! Most chicks can’t even do it right… I can guarantee you’ll be pleased. If you’re not interested in anything more with me, I’m always down for a hot blowjob.

As far as what I like, love lots of cum and precum so that’s always a plus. And love a guy who’s not afraid to taste his own either, out of my pussy or mouth or ass or wherever. Always thought guys who liked to cum in their own mouth or give themselves facials were so hott! Big turn on for me. Also really love anal, I can cum just from that. And I wouldn’t say I’m dominant or submissive, but I do like a guy who can take control when necessary and has confidence, and still knows how to please me. :)”

– from a girl’s dating profile

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