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“now what im looking for in a guy or my mr right :

A guy that will actually put in effort to know me and wanna get to know me and be interested in me someone who is ready to meet someone and is at a point in there life where they want to settle down and have something serious

Also a guy who will make time and put in effort to get to know me

A guy who was raised right and knows how to treat a women right

i like a guy who has a nice body and likes to work out and takes care of himself

someone who would have no problem being there for me being my rock and protecting me

i want a guy who will really be there for me thru thick and thin !!

a guy who doesn’t smoke sorry but i dont want a guy with a nasty habit and this means any kind of smokiing ,

a guy who has a car really come on if u dont sorry but i like guys that actually have themselves together u know

a guy that has a sweet side to them , fun guy someone who likes to text and cuddle

I want a guy who will actually listen to me when i talk

a guy Who will dry my tears for me and be there and hug me

a guy who will stand up for me and protect me

and a guy who will love me and only me i want to be the only one not one of them

Also a guy who would love to see me and hang out someone who actually wants to get to know me


if u actually read it and think this is you then dont be shy and hesitate thank u bye”

– from a girl’s dating profile

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