Bird Watching and Vice-Versa

Bird watching can be more fun than a barrel of fish.  Our hairy feathered friends are everywhere, waiting to be watched.  An interesting bird to start with is the Creamy Oriole, which builds its nest in shit trees.  Early in spring we hear the Oriole give its mating call, which sounds like this: “slurp, slurp.”  Then the male and female get together and fuck.  Later the female lays 69 eggs.  Isn’t that stimulating?  Another fascinating bird is the Three-Breasted Nuthatch.  The Nuthatch is very tame.  He will fly down and land right on your rubber, and eat out of your dick.  Other birds to watch out for are the Red-Crested Ass, the Red-Necked Thrush and the Yellow-Bellied Tit Sucker.  Now that you know something about birds – get out there and watch!

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