Ridiculous Spam Mail #21049: They Can’t Be Serious!

If you are at home or at work and are using a top-of-the-line computer, you have roughly 42 million transistors that are maxed out at 100 billion operations per second.  Not bad, heh?  That should be all that one person needs, right?

Well, Intel is saying that they are going to be releasing a chip by 2007 that will have a billion transistors and will perform a trillion operations in one second!

Let me put this in perspective for you by saying that, according to an msnbc.com article, it would take 15,000 years for a person to flip a
light switch a trillion times.

We know by experience that if Intel is doing it, then other major companies will be right behind or just in front of that mark.  The best part about this projection is that they are to consume the same amount of power as today’s processors.

The transistors are micro circuits that bring semiconductors to life, in this case they are going to be bringing a whole lot of life!  So if you think your computer is fast now, just give the industry a couple of years.

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