The Stupid Nerdy Annoying Asshole Idiot Tally Sheet

The following is a tally of how many times this annoying asshole in my physics class said certain things over the period of about 5 days.  I only wrote the dates down for the first 2 days.

He would always say certain things out loud — he had no self control in keeping his god damned mouth shut and not make any noise while we tried to take notes from the teacher.  He was this huge, 8 foot tall, fat, nerdy guy that sat in the front row and always wore a red shirt with arm pit stains.  He always had a rolling backpack so you could hear him coming down the hall.  He also had nerdy glasses on, as if the previous wasn’t enough to cement the fact he’s a stupid nerd.

I lost interest after those 5 days because he did these so many times, it wasn’t worth counting anymore:

Says “mmhmm:”

Feb 14, 2005:  13 times
Feb 15, 2005:  34 times
3rd day:  5 times
4th day:  13 times
5th day:  25 times

Says “mmhno:”

Feb 14, 2005:  1 time

Answers a Question (but usually mumbles to himself rather than actually raising his hand to legitimately answer it):

Feb 14, 2005:  16 times
Feb 15, 2005:  68 times
3rd day:  12 times
4th day:  20 times
5th day:  11 times

Says “right:”

Feb 14, 2005:  2 times

Says “no:”

Feb 14, 2005:  8 times
Feb 15, 2005:  8 times
3rd day:  6 times
4th day:  3 times
5th day:  4 times

Says “hmm:”

Feb 14, 2005:  2 times

Says “yeaah:”

Feb 14, 2005:  1 time
Feb 15, 2005:  1 time

Says “unhunh:”

Feb 14, 2005: 2 times
Feb 15, 2005: 3 times
3rd day: 1 time
4th day: 1 time
5th day: 2 times

Says “Yep/yes:”

Feb 14, 2005: 1 time
Feb 15, 2005: 8 times
3rd day: 7 times
4th day: 3 times
5th day: 2 times

Does something stupid (with elaboration):

Feb 14, 2005:  6 times

1. Didn’t bring a Scantron for a test.

2. Somehow lost his study guide since the last time it was given out (which is the 2nd time it was passed out) – counts as 2.

3. Yawned like a vampire

4. Answered a question wrong.  Saying, it wasn’t 300,000 km/hr for a light year.

5. Answered a question wrong.  Professor said, “nice guess.”

Feb 15, 2005:  5 times

1. Said Moon cycle was 273 days, when it is actually 29.5

2. Said “I love the moon!”

3. Laughed after answering question wrong

4. Nodded his head and looked at the rest of the class, as if looking for people to agree with him.

5. Yawned like a vampire, really loudly.

3rd day: 1 time

1. Someone told him to shut up, but kept doing his same shit.

4 thoughts on “The Stupid Nerdy Annoying Asshole Idiot Tally Sheet”

  1. Wow. Just wow. There is so much to list that I will keel it brief. wow… You should have also kept track of your own answers and most likely your lack of answers to the same questions without checking your book. He obviously has some growth problems but jesus christ he is obviously trying to educate himself and probably due to his less then pleasant nature he is able to laugh at himself. Who knows he may get that shit wrong to see if anyone else notices. Being right get’s old fast.

  2. Joshua, there’s a time and place to offer your own insights during class. This guy said things out loud throughout the whole class EVERY class. There is no recourse, the WHOLE CLASS, EVEN THE PROFESSOR was annoyed with this guy.

    If he raised his hand and kept quiet the rest of the time, i would have had no problem with it, but it was very VERY distracting, and there was no point to his constant commentary of “mmhmms.”

    If you were in the class with him, I’m sure you would have the same opinion of the matter. Why would you welcome someone like this, when it inhibits your own ability to absorb what is taught in the class?

  3. If the professor has such a problem he should have removed him.

    The fact is a lot of physics classes are so drab, no one answers anything, the professor gets fed up, most professors I’ve spoke to — they prefer the guy who thinks he knows the answer, at least he can tell them why he is wrong and the rest of the class (Who were all thinking the same as the loudmouth) can be corrected and move on, instead of having crappy reasoning be dispelled, its never brought to attention.

    Aka, have more balls, this is a big whiny post. Had a problem? Talk to the guy, or the professor. Is it inhibiting your learning? If so — you should have brought it up. This just makes you look like one of those idiots who likes to walk in and not say a word for an hour and leave like they learned something.

  4. I don’t know why the professor (a lady) didn’t remove him from the class. She should have. But she didn’t.

    John, I more or less agree with what you are saying. But thats only if the person talking has something meaningful to say. He didn’t have anything to say that was meaningful at all. He was just spouting out his random comments and grunts.

    And we did bring it up with the professor. The professor did nothing about it. What are we supposed to do then? I don’t exactly remember every single detail because it was 6 years ago, but I did get a B+ in the class, and actually answered questions when I knew them, so I like to think I learned something about astronomy and physics.

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