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Monday 02/21/2005 6:42:00am
Name: us and tisme
Homepage: http://i think i left it on the bus
E-Mail: did u forget…?
I like to daut my mate… REPEATEDLY!!!
p.s. who made up “DAUT”???… leah wnts to meet you! and daut you… again and again and again and again…etc… i cant be assed.
I like Squackle!: Yes
Comments: we tried, we promise, to add bobolishious and DAVE but it didnt work… TWICE (i like caps lock) 😀
DAVE means: a child that has no choice.
AND, bobolishious is: a killer of DAVES.
p.s. we also tried to add park’n’ride (what you say to a hickolishious car)… but you let thaat fail as well… we are upset and want your money…NOW…not n0w, but NOW… comprenday?… good.
p.s.e-mail us on dave_1905@yahoo.co.uk so that we can hear from you… Ta!!!

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