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Monday 06/14/2004 5:16:23pm
Name: VotinBush
I like to Hang out with friends, go to church, swim, work out, drive, go to the movies, shop, and look @ guys!
I like Squackle!: Yes
Comments: IM VOTING BUSH… why in the world does everyone waste some much time and energy degrating bush/kerry depending on who you are votin for, when you should be stating the positive and making more people want to vote for them. you shouldnt vote for one guy just b/c the other sounds worse. hello… thats dumb, so lets start sayin good things bout them, okay. and no one really knows what goes on in the white house, unless ya work there. so everyone should just chill ya kno. im out… oh yea, if some1 killed your family, isnt it only fair to arrest them and imprison them??? then why is everyone so much against bush for gettin the terrorists. just a thot

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