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Monday 04/26/2004 6:51:01pm
Name: Fathitler Scanlan
Homepage: http://Buggeryboy.com
E-Mail: Nobluefood@prodigy.net, Laurie@rr.com
I like to Smoke Dubbage, Make the “Special Sause” for the McDougals at Papa Johns in Ft.Myers Florida, Pretend that I’m a victim, Anything nazi related
I like Squackle!: Yes
Comments: Look if you can imagine my never endinging tacomo I don’t even know what a “Squackle” is. I loaded this website 6 months ago and now can’t close it. If someone would please email me and tell me how to leave all this “squackle” business behind me I’d be very grateful if you can imagine my cromulence. Hugs And Kisses, Fathitler Scanlan

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