A Ghost’s TV Schedule

7 A.M.: Good Moan-ing America! on A-Boo-C

8 A.M.: Ghoul-igans Island

9 A.M.: Father Knows Beast

10 A.M.: Name That Tomb

11 A.M.: Squeal of Fortune

12 P.M.: Noose at Noon

1 P.M.: The Newly-dead Game

2 P.M.: The Broody Bunch

3 P.M.: Bury Manilow Spe-chill

6 P.M.: Entertainment Tomb-night

7 P.M.: Groaning Pains

8 P.M.: Dead of the Class

9 P.M.: Boonanza

10 P.M.: St. Else-scare

12 A.M.:  Late Night with David Lettermoan

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