Spaced Out TV

Love Rocket – The Captain tricks his passengers into taking space-walks without lifelines.  Different cast each week.

Star Ick! – Story of a space doctor who is all thumbs!  Not for the squeamish.

Hidden Camera – Secret cameras in the Black Hole photograph darkness.  No plot.  Restful on the eyes.

Six Dollar Man – CHeap computerized humanoid spends each week wondering when his transistors are going to short out.

M*U*S*H – Medical unit during foolish war on strange planet.  Wounded robots keep reassembling themselves.  Doctors feel unwanted.

Merv Graffiti – Talk show.  Interviews with space creatures and a talking pet rock.  Dull.  Rock is lousy conversationalist.

Eight Is Too Much – Dad has problems trying to raise eight space creatures while orbiting the Earth in a rocket with only one bathroom.

Mook & Cindy – Female from Earth lands on weird planet and moves in with space creature.

Fantasy Planet – Dull fantasies.  Everybody wishes they were back on Earth!

Mary Tyler Less – Hilarious adventures of a career girl on a Space Station.  Will the boss give her a raise?  Or will she just drift in space?  Who cares?

The Zonic Woman – Adventures of a female humanoid whose voice is programmed so loud she causes a zonic boom wherever she goes.  People are glad when she leaves.  And then–BOOM!

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