#10950: davepoobond -> MadManWithAnAxe

davepoobond: rawr

MadManWithAnAxe: meow

davepoobond: sometimes when i type, a space magically appears at the end of what i type

MadManWithAnAxe: You should investigate

MadManWithAnAxe: ask around

davepoobond: i’ve got other conspiracies i’m working on. like how i’m going to bullshit so much on my personal essays because i’ve done nothing with my life

davepoobond: and wondering why that actually came about

davepoobond: and the reason is — piracy

davepoobond: since piracy seems to be the root of all problems in the world lately

davepoobond: why can’t i blame it too

davepoobond: har har har har i’m going craaazzzyyy and its because i download mp3 files!

davepoobond: i support communism!

davepoobond: stalin is my hero. if stalin were alive today, he’d support filesharing too


MadManWithAnAxe: And F*** censorship too

MadManWithAnAxe: and fuck political correctness, it’s retarded

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: especially political correctness

davepoobond: i hate that bullshit

davepoobond: how they always have some person in a wheel chair

davepoobond: or something insignificant, like a leg brace

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