#10941: Automatic Man -> davepoobond

Automatic Man: dave, im fucked.

davepoobond: why

Automatic Man: cuz i have an essay due in history tomorrow and i didnt do the reading

Automatic Man: and its online, but theres no NOTES on it

Automatic Man: and im not reading 40 pages, and THEN writing an essay

davepoobond: otherwise you’re fucked

davepoobond: so do it

Automatic Man: im trying but i didnt read so im getting chahines cock in my ass tomorrow

davepoobond: you won’t care about these last 3 hours that you spent on a sunday night

davepoobond: once its over

Automatic Man: no, but i still gotta do my physics HW

davepoobond: it’ll take you an hour tops to read it

davepoobond: and then another hour to do the essay

davepoobond: physics HW isn’t due until the test

davepoobond: that’s how it always is isn’t it

Automatic Man: no, i need to do all of the stuff i havent turned in

davepoobond: oh

Automatic Man: but ur right, imma go read it

Automatic Man: goddamn book

davepoobond: dave – the man with all the answers

Automatic Man is away at 7:27 PM

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