#10867: Space Poop -> davepoobond

Space Poop was on a screen name that davepoobond doesn’t know.

Space Poop: i need help

davepoobond: why

Space Poop: just do

davepoobond: for…

Space Poop: bothering people

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: who?

Space Poop: whats a good way to start an IM when you try bothing someone

Space Poop: anyone

davepoobond: umm

davepoobond: start out with something like “hey is this (name)”

davepoobond: or

davepoobond: something like

davepoobond: “one of your friends said you like (something stupid, and offending)”

Space Poop: wow

Space Poop: youre smart

davepoobond: i have 4 years experience

davepoobond: in bothering people

Space Poop: cool

Space Poop: do u like ICP

davepoobond: they’re funny guys

davepoobond: i dont listen to their music though

davepoobond: except the things they did to make fun of eminem

Space Poop: u like eminem?

davepoobond: YEAH

davepoobond: OF COURSE I DO

davepoobond: DOYYY

Space Poop: AMAZING

davepoobond: just like everyone else in america

Space Poop: DER

Space Poop: i wonder what he sounds like when youre eating mushroomz

davepoobond: i wouldnt know, i dont do drugs

Space Poop: sure ya do

Space Poop: holy shit

Space Poop: when was i warned?

Space Poop: DID YOU DO THIS???

davepoobond: who knows

davepoobond: no

Space Poop: brb

Space Poop: my computers acting reaaaal strange

davepoobond: k

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