#10681: davepoobond -> Poison Ivy

davepoobond: do you like Poison the band

Poison Ivy: no…it’s from the batman series

davepoobond: ohhhh

davepoobond: the one that gives everyone paralyzing poisons

davepoobond: and she’s green

Poison Ivy: it’s my nickname…yea

davepoobond: and all she does is sit on her flower

davepoobond: and tell vines to attack

Poison Ivy: yup…

Poison Ivy: tries to kill batman

davepoobond: that’s pretty sad. batman is the man

davepoobond: he’s got eyebrows on his mask

Poison Ivy: yea…..my ex bf nickname is batman

davepoobond: did he start going out with robin? is that why you broke up

davepoobond: hahaaaaaaaaa

davepoobond: hahaaaaaaaaa that was funny

Poison Ivy: lmao…nah

Poison Ivy: villans and good guys don’t

Poison Ivy: make for good couples

davepoobond: did he go with catwoman then?

davepoobond: that’s the whole basis of that show on WB

davepoobond: y’know

Poison Ivy: beforoe he went out wiuth me he did

Poison Ivy: we have a whole batman goup

davepoobond: ok that’s pretty sad

Poison Ivy: yea

davepoobond: who’s harley

Poison Ivy: my frined rai

davepoobond: does she wear clown makeup and a red tight jumper suit

Poison Ivy: no…for halloween she wanted to..she was the only one that
didn’ dress up

davepoobond: boob

Poison Ivy: ok?

davepoobond: boob poop dood qooq

Poison Ivy: ?

davepoobond: its the same letter but its in different positions yeahhh

Poison Ivy: oic

davepoobond: bpdq

Poison Ivy: wmwm

davepoobond: o0o0

Poison Ivy: hmmm

Poison Ivy: 6969696

davepoobond: l1

Poison Ivy: i can’t think of anymore

davepoobond: i win

davepoobond: hahaaa

Poison Ivy: hehe

Poison Ivy: damn

davepoobond: do you like pearl jam

Poison Ivy: nope

davepoobond: :-X

Poison Ivy: u like em?

davepoobond: yeah

Poison Ivy: cool

Poison Ivy: you liike evanescense ?

davepoobond: yeah

Poison Ivy: cool

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