#10578: davepoobond -> BubbaTyler2005

davepoobond: bubba tylerrrr

BubbaTyler2005: who is this

davepoobond: bubba dave

BubbaTyler2005: ?

BubbaTyler2005: do i know you

davepoobond: maybe

davepoobond: we’re the same relative

BubbaTyler2005: what are you smoking

BubbaTyler2005: do i know you

BubbaTyler2005: have i seen your face

davepoobond: yes

davepoobond: heehee

davepoobond: guess who i am

BubbaTyler2005: david?

davepoobond: dammit

davepoobond: what gave me away?

BubbaTyler2005: am i right

BubbaTyler2005: the dave

davepoobond: hmmm

BubbaTyler2005: david who

davepoobond: guess

BubbaTyler2005: in studyhall

davepoobond: i dont have study hall

davepoobond: well if i do, i dont know, cause i skip that everyday

BubbaTyler2005: just tell me

BubbaTyler2005: what school do you go 3

BubbaTyler2005: 2*

davepoobond: #3

BubbaTyler2005: im this close to blocking you till i find out

davepoobond: if you do you’ll get a nasty surprise

davepoobond: mwahahahaha

BubbaTyler2005: ?

BubbaTyler2005: tell me in 5

BubbaTyler2005: 4

BubbaTyler2005: 3

BubbaTyler2005: 2

BubbaTyler2005: 1

davepoobond: Greenwood

davepoobond: :-\

BubbaTyler2005: what school do you go to

davepoobond: told uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

BubbaTyler2005: greenwood

davepoobond: y eah

davepoobond: y e a h

BubbaTyler2005: what state do you live in

davepoobond: Greenland

BubbaTyler2005: brb

davepoobond: i bet you just said that so i wouldnt say anything anymore

davepoobond: you dont even have your away message on

davepoobond: even more reason why i shouldnt believe you are “brb”

davepoobond: but your wrongggg

BubbaTyler2005: k back

BubbaTyler2005: what?

BubbaTyler2005: how old are you?

davepoobond: 45

BubbaTyler2005: and are you gay?


BubbaTyler2005: your screen name

BubbaTyler2005: dave POO

davepoobond: ….

davepoobond: and that makes me gay how

davepoobond: are you saying poo is a gay word?

BubbaTyler2005: yes

BubbaTyler2005: your not 45

davepoobond: i meant 13

davepoobond: or was it 31

BubbaTyler2005: if your 31 you have no life at all

BubbaTyler2005: talking to strangers

BubbaTyler2005: that are male

davepoobond: so are you

davepoobond: so i guess that means your gay

BubbaTyler2005: your the one who started talking to me and im not 31

BubbaTyler2005: lmao

BubbaTyler2005: or a flaming hommo

davepoobond: hommo

davepoobond: hommmo

davepoobond: hommmmmmmmmmmmo

davepoobond: 8989898

davepoobond: 321654987

davepoobond: 0

davepoobond: har har

BubbaTyler2005: ok im leaving now

davepoobond: k bye

BubbaTyler2005: peace out

davepoobond: hi

I warn him to 35%.

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