#10577: davepoobond -> BtownsBlueAngel

davepoobond: then there was youuuuuuuuu

davepoobond: and everything went from wrong to right

davepoobond: and the stars came up and filled up the sky

davepoobond: it was love at first site

BtownsBlueAngel: who tha hell is this

davepoobond: ……………..kylie minogue

davepoobond: who that hell is that

BtownsBlueAngel: ?

davepoobond: u

davepoobond: !!

BtownsBlueAngel: um…………..ok dude

davepoobond: die die die my darling

BtownsBlueAngel: When someone loves you, they will try and do anyhting for you. They will help you in anyway. If you send this to 11 people something good will happen to you at 10:00 o ‘clock tomorrow morning

davepoobond: why would i send that to anyone

BtownsBlueAngel: i dunno… who is this

davepoobond: i told you

davepoobond: kylie minogue

BtownsBlueAngel: a/s/l

davepoobond: 34/bi/NY

BtownsBlueAngel: um..ok

davepoobond: u

BtownsBlueAngel: 17/f/alabama

davepoobond: you’re close but no cigar

davepoobond: i dont wanna hear ittt

BtownsBlueAngel: uh..ok

davepoobond: and i wont waste my time fitting innnnnn

davepoobond: cause i dont think something something

davepoobond: lame

davepoobond: have you seen Pearl Harbor

BtownsBlueAngel: yes

davepoobond: did you liiiiike it

BtownsBlueAngel: sure

davepoobond: fly away on my zephyr, we’re gonna live foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

davepoobond: forever!

BtownsBlueAngel: ok dude

davepoobond: ok

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