#10569: davepoobond -> POWder DJ

davepoobond: pow


POWder DJ: yes? how can i help you

davepoobond: by dying

POWder DJ: oh please dont, i just died like 32 times this weekend

davepoobond: aw thats so sad

POWder DJ: at lease gimme a breeeeaakkk

davepoobond: ok one coffee break then

POWder DJ: yay

POWder DJ: depesche mode is god

davepoobond: yes they are

POWder DJ: whats up with you

davepoobond: nothin. u

POWder DJ: i just died like 32 times this weekend

POWder DJ: like i said

davepoobond: oh yeah….

POWder DJ: i was sick as fucking hell

POWder DJ: but

davepoobond: that’s pretty sad on a 4 day weekend

POWder DJ: one hour photo came out today

POWder DJ: and so did rules of attraction

POWder DJ: and um buying them

davepoobond: rules of attraction? was that any good

POWder DJ: um

POWder DJ: its my favorite movie ever

davepoobond: is that the one with nicolas cage or vanderbeek

POWder DJ: besides requiem for a dream

POWder DJ: vanderbeek

POWder DJ: not cage

davepoobond: they’re both so alike

davepoobond: stupid writers getting ideas off of each other

davepoobond: make up your own shit! that’s what i always say

davepoobond: well not really

POWder DJ: i make up my own shit

davepoobond: i usually flush mine though…

davepoobond: har har

POWder DJ: this is elmoisfurry right if im not mistaken

davepoobond: no..

POWder DJ: hm

POWder DJ: then youre one of his frienes

davepoobond: who is this

davepoobond: anyway

POWder DJ: Fajita Bum gave me this sn like 5 years ago

davepoobond: uhh….

davepoobond: didnt know that…

POWder DJ: you imd me so you tell me who you are

POWder DJ: haha

davepoobond: dave…

POWder DJ: a?

davepoobond: you were just on my buddy list

POWder DJ: that was my SECOND choice

POWder DJ: haha

davepoobond: i dont know how you got there anyway

POWder DJ: elmoisfurry ims me sometimes

POWder DJ: so i thought it might be him

POWder DJ: and hes friends with Fajita Bum

POWder DJ: so it kinda loopholes

POWder DJ: this is carl

davepoobond: i’m friends with Fajita Bum too

POWder DJ: i know

POWder DJ: so am i

davepoobond: oh ha…yeah

POWder DJ: you should see rules

POWder DJ: its really good

davepoobond: i’ll try to catch it on hbo or somethin

POWder DJ: have you seen requiem for a dream

POWder DJ: ah youre lame

davepoobond: no

POWder DJ: rent ti

davepoobond: but that costs money

POWder DJ: ah youre double-o lame-o

davepoobond: yeah well

davepoobond: i’m not exactly that exciting anyway

POWder DJ: rent em both

POWder DJ: its liek 6 buuuuucl

POWder DJ: buckkkkks

POWder DJ: u still get money off squackle?

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: 17 bucks so far

POWder DJ: there yah go

POWder DJ: hahahhaha

POWder DJ: well

POWder DJ: use some ofthat

POWder DJ: !

davepoobond: no, that’s just the money i like looking at

davepoobond: y’know, gotta have some of that

POWder DJ: ooh yes

POWder DJ: thats wonderful

POWder DJ: stuff there

davepoobond: i saw jay and silent bob yesterday wow

POWder DJ: ehh

POWder DJ: the first 4

davepoobond: strike back

POWder DJ: in the series were so much better

davepoobond: only that one.

davepoobond: i haven’t seen anything else with them though

POWder DJ: wow dude

davepoobond: eh what can i say? too much Joe Millionaire………..

POWder DJ: you need to invest your 17 dollars… and rent those and requiem
and rules


POWder DJ: the only tv i ever watch

davepoobond: yeah it was pretty lame yesterday

POWder DJ: is comedy central

POWder DJ: and then

POWder DJ: the last episode

POWder DJ: of joe millionare

davepoobond: they were talkin about a stupid twist

davepoobond: there wasn’t any fuckin twist

davepoobond: they just gave them a million

POWder DJ: i know

POWder DJ: that would have been bad ass if

POWder DJ: brb

davepoobond: they made such a big deal out of it

davepoobond: k

POWder DJ: yeah

POWder DJ: back

POWder DJ: no if

davepoobond: k

POWder DJ: after she was like

POWder DJ: ill continue the journy

POWder DJ: the guy comes out

POWder DJ: the annoying short guy

POWder DJ: paul or whatever

POWder DJ: and hes like

davepoobond: stupid butler

POWder DJ: congradulations….. now you get to choose him or ill give
you a million dollars!

POWder DJ: she would take the million

POWder DJ: that would be funny

davepoobond: didnt he just give them the million bucks

davepoobond: i didnt see the whole thing, it was too stupid

POWder DJ: yeah they dud

POWder DJ: did

POWder DJ: but taht would be badass if theyt like fucked him over like

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: i knew it was gonna be Zora from the first episode

davepoobond: i was hoping she’d lose

davepoobond: cause her stupid town was “supporting her”

davepoobond: and she’s so nice

davepoobond: man it woulda been great to see her go down in flames

davepoobond: “i was thinking of selling my necklace so i can help my aunt
with cancer”

davepoobond: that’s such crap no one does that except her

POWder DJ: lmao

POWder DJ: i didnt see any of that

POWder DJ: i only saw the last episode

POWder DJ: but

POWder DJ: yeah shes lame

davepoobond: i saw that whole hour of them talking about those stupid girls

POWder DJ: bull shit

davepoobond: all those girls were so boring

POWder DJ: no shit

davepoobond: they were showing what they did in their spare time

POWder DJ: they just wanted the money

davepoobond: that stupid asian girl was a “hula hoop champion”


davepoobond: A FUCKIN HULA HOOP CHAMPION and she’s like “why didnt he pick
me? i definitely woulda stayed longer if he knew that i was a hula hoop champion”

davepoobond: “i woulda rocked his world”

POWder DJ: no way

POWder DJ: they prob chose like 50 dumbasses to say shit like that

POWder DJ: my god

davepoobond: and it was so ridiculous when they were talking about sara and
her fetish videos

davepoobond: instead of showing the real thing

POWder DJ: wha?

davepoobond: they showed “simulations”

davepoobond: of people being tied up

davepoobond: only showing their feet though

POWder DJ: hahahahahhahahahahhahahahaha

davepoobond: or their wrists

POWder DJ: hahahahhahahahhaa

davepoobond: and they were still shots

POWder DJ: silly FOX……..

davepoobond: i like FOX, but they’re just stupid sometimes

POWder DJ: lol i kno

davepoobond: especially with “fox box”

davepoobond: and “power rangers ninja storm”

POWder DJ: whats a fox box

davepoobond: the stupid name they call their kids thing in the morning

davepoobond: kids programming

POWder DJ: haha

davepoobond: its not as gay as “1 saturday morning” though

POWder DJ: haha

POWder DJ: i wouldnt even know

POWder DJ: i hate tv

POWder DJ: i like

POWder DJ: the chapelle show

POWder DJ: insomnia with dave attell

davepoobond: yeah i saw 1 episode of that, but its on too late for me

POWder DJ: and

POWder DJ: south park

POWder DJ: and the man show

POWder DJ: umm

POWder DJ: and snl

POWder DJ: and

POWder DJ: uhhhh

POWder DJ: thats about it

POWder DJ: i gtg shower tho later bro

davepoobond: k bye

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