#10567: davepoobond -> MrDruggedPolitic

davepoobond: so

davepoobond: are you happy now?

davepoobond: how is it now

davepoobond: are yo happy nowwwww

MrDruggedPolitic: what are you talkin about?

davepoobond: what are YOU talkin about

MrDruggedPolitic: i’m not talkin about anything

davepoobond: nor was i

MrDruggedPolitic: what the hell was all that about then?

davepoobond: all what

MrDruggedPolitic: so

davepoobond: are you happy now?

davepoobond: how is it now

davepoobond: are yo happy nowwwww

davepoobond: ….

davepoobond: i dont know what you’re talkin about

davepoobond: i didnt do that

MrDruggedPolitic: ok, who is this anyway

davepoobond: guess

MrDruggedPolitic: alan?

davepoobond: yeah that’s me

MrDruggedPolitic: k

davepoobond: you got it

davepoobond: how are you doing pal

MrDruggedPolitic: are you keepin this screen name?

davepoobond: had you going for a while

davepoobond: yeah, i think so

MrDruggedPolitic: mque

MrDruggedPolitic: do you have “my guitar wants to kill your mama”?

davepoobond: no, what is that

MrDruggedPolitic: is by frank zappa

davepoobond: never heard of it

davepoobond: did you tell me something about it before

MrDruggedPolitic: it’s a pretty good song

MrDruggedPolitic: ya

davepoobond: silly me, har har, i forgot about it

davepoobond: so how’s it going, buddy

MrDruggedPolitic: fine

MrDruggedPolitic: how did la bumba go?

davepoobond: eh it wasn’t as great as i thought

MrDruggedPolitic: you actually found people to blast music to while makin’ out?

davepoobond: not really, this old hag came along and started saying she’d call the cops

davepoobond: so we had to “disease and disperse”

davepoobond: as she said

MrDruggedPolitic: lol

davepoobond: she slurred like a bitch

davepoobond: she really meant decease

davepoobond: but you got the idea

davepoobond: she was shaking her cane around

MrDruggedPolitic: old people are always making up figures of speech

MrDruggedPolitic: or whatever you call it

davepoobond: damn conservatives

davepoobond: you cant even get some without conservatives telling you its wrong

davepoobond: there should be “Generation Cleansing” every 20 years

MrDruggedPolitic: ya

davepoobond: oh well

MrDruggedPolitic: old people are there to spread their great wisdom and experience but all they do is complain

davepoobond: not until I’m president of the world will that happen

MrDruggedPolitic: and talk about their pills

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: “claritin is so good for me…i dont sneeze anymore”

davepoobond: “yeah, so is the Perploxcoxin, i lost that bad ache in my back”

davepoobond: “oh perploxcoxin…i take that too”

davepoobond: they have their own language it seems

davepoobond: stupid drug names

MrDruggedPolitic: ya

davepoobond: have you seen Minority Report

MrDruggedPolitic: no

davepoobond: that’s a great movie man

MrDruggedPolitic: i wanted to see it but i never got around to it

davepoobond: you should

davepoobond: so how’s your girlfriend

davepoobond: i forgot her name

MrDruggedPolitic: i don’t have one remember?

davepoobond: oh yeah, that’s why i dont know her name

davepoobond: silly me

MrDruggedPolitic: ya, this isn’t alan

davepoobond: yeah ok, you got me

davepoobond: i had you goin for a while though huh

MrDruggedPolitic: ya

davepoobond: how did i do

MrDruggedPolitic: verticoe

davepoobond: did i talk like he did

davepoobond: like about the old people

davepoobond: and junk

MrDruggedPolitic: no

davepoobond: was that all just junk to test me or something

MrDruggedPolitic: ya

davepoobond: i knew it

MrDruggedPolitic: ok, so what’s your point in this?

davepoobond: i dont know

davepoobond: i’m bored

MrDruggedPolitic: ya, good way to waist time

davepoobond: yeah especially since its a part of the body

MrDruggedPolitic: ?

davepoobond: “waist”

MrDruggedPolitic: k

MrDruggedPolitic: waste is that better

davepoobond: yeah it is

MrDruggedPolitic: i screwed that up on my damn english project too

davepoobond: too bad

davepoobond: english is important

MrDruggedPolitic: english is a dumb language

davepoobond: would you rather be speaking another language

MrDruggedPolitic: probably

davepoobond: you know how the public service announcements say knowledge is the anti-drug

davepoobond: people that know all about the drug still do the drug

MrDruggedPolitic: ya

davepoobond: so i dont think that knowledge is the anti-drug

davepoobond: force is the anti-drug. if you put a gun to the person’s head everytime they reached for a smoke, they’d stop

davepoobond: don’t you agree

MrDruggedPolitic: i think the government is gay spending tons of money on anti-drug forces when they could spend it on other more useful things

davepoobond: like military

MrDruggedPolitic: i say let people do drugs if they want to

davepoobond: yeah, it’ll get rid of them

davepoobond: then we won’t have the problem

MrDruggedPolitic: ya

davepoobond: they don’t see that though

MrDruggedPolitic: it’s the same thing that happened with alchohol

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