#10566: davepoobond -> UkilledKenny

davepoobond: 😀

UkilledKenny: hi

davepoobond: 😀

UkilledKenny: who dis?

davepoobond: 😀

UkilledKenny: who r u?

davepoobond: 😀

UkilledKenny: who is this and if u don’t tell me i’m gonna black u

UkilledKenny: *block

davepoobond: dont block me

UkilledKenny: then tell me who u r

davepoobond: dave

UkilledKenny: k

davepoobond: i live at 4562 Stocker Avenue, Los Angeles, Alabama

UkilledKenny: i didn’t really need to kno ur address

UkilledKenny: wut’s ur asl?

davepoobond: well isnt that what you wanted to know

UkilledKenny: asl plz

davepoobond: cause you’re asking me who i was

UkilledKenny: nvm

davepoobond: 17/m/alabama

UkilledKenny: o ok

UkilledKenny: 13 f texas

davepoobond: confederates forever

UkilledKenny: ok then

UkilledKenny: tell me about urself

davepoobond: uhh no

UkilledKenny: k

davepoobond: tell me about u

UkilledKenny: wut u wanna kno?

davepoobond: sexual preference

UkilledKenny: wut about it

davepoobond: what is it

UkilledKenny: wut do u mean?

davepoobond: how do you take it

davepoobond: preferably

UkilledKenny: i’ve never had it lol

davepoobond: well that’s a turn off

UkilledKenny: ok then

davepoobond: but if you did where would you take it

UkilledKenny: i’m not sure

davepoobond: up the ass, in the ear

davepoobond: through the belly button

UkilledKenny: i rather have it up my ass than my ear

UkilledKenny: lol

davepoobond: 😀

UkilledKenny: k

davepoobond: so

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