#10560: alexnorbts -> davepoobond

alexnorbts: whats up man

alexnorbts: how u doin

davepoobond: not much, you

alexnorbts: not doin anything

alexnorbts: do u have bartows cell #

alexnorbts: can u get it

davepoobond: no, sorry

alexnorbts: damn

alexnorbts: aight

alexnorbts: do u have anyones #

alexnorbts: katies

davepoobond: no

alexnorbts: i just need to find my cell fone

alexnorbts: cool i got it

davepoobond: ok good

alexnorbts: how u doin buddy

davepoobond: alright

davepoobond: and you

alexnorbts: good

alexnorbts: what u doin tomorow

davepoobond: sleeping

alexnorbts: ha

alexnorbts: tight

alexnorbts: besides that sleepy ass

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