#10559: SR71 Steve -> davepoobond

SR71 Steve: hello

davepoobond: hi

SR71 Steve: are you the real slim shady

SR71 Steve: ?

davepoobond: sure

SR71 Steve: then say something slim shadyish

davepoobond: yo i’m slim shady no i’m not the real slim shady

SR71 Steve: the REAL slim shday wouldn’t say that

SR71 Steve: damn it

davepoobond: sorry

SR71 Steve: my search continues

davepoobond: ok good

SR71 Steve: remember, it is imparitive that the cherro fruit loop allaince NOT losse the milk front to the chex invaders

davepoobond: i’ll keep that in mind

davepoobond: the roof. the roof is on fire.

SR71 Steve: no

SR71 Steve: noo

SR71 Steve: it’s that damn lephachans work again

davepoobond: but today is valentine’s day

davepoobond: why would they do that

SR71 Steve: we’ll get his lucky charms irrelgales

davepoobond: they’re in their leprachan beds jacking off now

SR71 Steve: good, a chanse to infiltrate

SR71 Steve: try and get the 4 leaf clovers

SR71 Steve: the rainbows

SR71 Steve: and if possible the pots of gold

SR71 Steve: leave all non marshmellows

SR71 Steve: they’re not our concern

davepoobond: of course.

SR71 Steve: What is the current position of the Trix rabbit?

davepoobond: half way between gay and child molestor

SR71 Steve: ah of corse

SR71 Steve: and delsuion

SR71 Steve: he thinks he can just get Trix

SR71 Steve: but he doesn’t really WANT them

SR71 Steve: he need to make the kids feel his WANT

SR71 Steve: and not in the way he usualy does itd

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