#10496: TJ the Almighty -> davepoobond

This was when Yahoo and Google still worked together.  In like 2003 or something.

TJ the Almighty: google is powered by yahoo

TJ the Almighty: few people realize that

davepoobond: i know that

davepoobond: but its the other way around

davepoobond: google actually powers yahoo

davepoobond: =)

TJ the Almighty: i knew it was one of them

davepoobond: but they’re still 2 different sites

davepoobond: i actually snubbed the school librarian with that fact

davepoobond: she kept saying that google is the best google is the best don’t use yahoo

davepoobond: then i tell her “actually, it doesn’t really matter, because google powers yahoo, so its pretty much the same thing”

TJ the Almighty: lol

davepoobond: and she has this nasty look on her face and she’s like “oh….but isn’t it still better cause there’s no advertising?”

davepoobond: i just shrug and say “i don’t care about advertising” and then she just walks away

TJ the Almighty: lol nice

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